Music Review: GROOVEXPRESS – We wish you a merry Christmas

Jazz aficionados have made great headway in turning on listeners to challenging, cutting-edge jazz. Some tunes offer stronger impressions than others but even to more casual fans of the genre, a full blast of vintage instrumentation still offers that warm, nostalgic sound that feels lively.

Groovexpress, a collaborative music project, formed in 2010 by composer, arranger and producer, Mykeljon Winckel, know their music deserves and can net a wider audience than more traditional jazz records could reach. And they don’t want to wait for the holidays to find you. On their single “We wish you a merry Christmas,” Groovexpress plays loud and clear for everyone to hear and know what they are all about.

After all, the holidays only happen once a year and it would be a shame to miss out on the festivities and the merry that comes with it. Groovexpress make these connections primarily by serving a holiday tune that piques curiosity and draws in listeners for pure celebration of Christmas through jazz music.

Mykeljon leads a group of eight musicians playing multiple instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, bass, percussion, piano, guitars, drums and many more. That’s a large group, and the inclusion of some instruments especially on a two-minute song might lead you to think the arrangement is needlessly crowded or exotic, but Groovexpress certainly make the different parts fit smartly within a larger compositional whole.

New Single Available Friday, 6th 2019

Homes all over the world have started playing Christmas music earlier than ever before, even before Halloween, and you might decide to boycott these festive songs on sheer principle, but don’t fight it! Let yourself be filled by that holiday spirit especially when it comes in the form of jazz music. It’s complex, life-affirming music that’s both serious and playful, steeped in tradition yet as highly original and forward-thinking as anything you’re likely to hear this year.

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