22 October 2018

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Printed and digital Edition | July 2018

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July is here and we saw a wonderful display of fireworks this year!

On display this month in Pump It Up Magazine is the awesome and talented all female jazz band
“ Jazz In Pink” I happen to know the band leader Gail Jhonson who is considered “ The first lady of smooth jazz”. What a talent. This month we have some great articles on Jazz. “Movies that define the Jazz Age” In Fashion you’ll want to read about the latest daring new trend, and DIY Girls. Encouraging young women to explore technology, engineering through innovative educational experiences.

We here at Pump It Up Magazine wish everyone a safe and “cool” July!

Pump it up Magazine | July 2018

By Pump It Up Magazine

28 pages, published 7/9/2018

HeatWave Alert! Summer is in full swing and we’ve got the hot all female Jazz band “ Jazz in Pink”.Check them out on the cover of July issue of Pump It Up Magazine! Their hot new single “Back and Forth” will be hitting the airwaves and streets on July 20th , 2018! You can also listen to them on Pump It Up Magazine Radio. We also have a great feature and interview and article from the world renown jazz band “ Project Grand Slam”.…
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