Music review: Jessica Williams – “So Good” – Jessica Williams: A Soulful Anthem for Homebound Bliss

Jessica Williams


In these uncertain times, finding solace and upliftment becomes paramount. Jessica Williams accomplishes precisely that with her latest track, which beautifully celebrates the joys of finding safety and comfort at home. Stripped of autotune and overproduced effects, her music resonates genuinely from the heart. Williams’ vocal performance is nothing short of awe-inspiring, showcasing her remarkable range. From tenderly soothing verses to breathtaking crescendos, her versatility as a singer takes center stage in this captivating track. With its feel-good pop rhythms, the song serves as the perfect soundtrack for anyone nestled safely at home, patiently awaiting brighter days.

Collaborating with John B, Williams crafts a catchy beat that strikes the right balance between variation and avoiding repetitiveness. A smooth, steady kick drum reverberates through a vibrant atmosphere as listeners embark on a heartfelt journey encompassing poignant lyrics and jaw-dropping vocal lines. The harmonies seamlessly intertwine, creating a lush layering effect against the backdrop of an exhilarating soundscape. Each note evokes a sense of hope as the singer delivers soul-stirring vocal cries, spanning an astonishing range of pitches. Almost operatic in nature, Williams vocalizes emotion-drenched lines with unwavering passion and purpose, sweeping listeners off their feet.

Lyrically, the song is profoundly inspiring. Williams candidly explores the joy of being home with loved ones, creating an intimate experience for listeners. Her stunning songwriting effortlessly weaves a narrative while incorporating iconic hooks that leave you hooked. It feels as though she’s speaking directly to the audience, offering encouraging advice on how to embrace life to the fullest. It’s more than just a pop song; it provokes contemplation and appreciation for the often-overlooked aspects of life.

This track is a perfect remedy for those grappling with lockdown blues, offering a ray of hope and a renewed perspective on life.

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Jessica Williams and John B

The perfect track for anybody looking to curb those lockdown blues and feel a little better about life.

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