Jan Daley: Empowering Beauty – Sharing Secrets to Ageless Wellness and Advocacy

**Pump It Up Magazine: Welcome to an exclusive interview with Jan Daley – a musical talent, ageless beauty, and advocate for wellness and charitable causes. Recently featured in Pump It Up Magazine, let’s celebrate Women’s History Month by delving into Jan’s inspiring world.**

**Pump It Up Magazine: Ageless Beauty**
Many admire not just your musical talent but also your timeless beauty. Could you share some beauty secrets or routines contributing to your radiant, ageless look?

**Jan Daley:**
At 23, I had Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Sometimes when something so traumatic happens to you, it’s hard to be positive. However, in my case, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I had been a competitive swimmer and sun worshiper as a teenager, but the regime of drugs the doctors put me on to fight the Cancer played havoc on my face. Brown splotches appeared on my face every time I went out in the sun, so from then on, I wore a hat when I was outdoors, and still today, my sunblock goes on before I run every morning. I owe it to Cancer that my skin looks 20 years younger than my contemporaries.

**Pump It Up Magazine: Wellness Practices**


Maintaining wellness is crucial at any age. Can you tell us about the wellness practices you prioritize for overall health and vitality?

**Jan Daley:**
Find your passion, and you will have something to wake up to, no matter how old you are!

**Pump It Up Magazine: Fitness Routine**
Staying fit is often a challenge, especially as we age. What does your fitness routine look like, and how do you keep both your body and mind in great shape?

**Jan Daley:**
I wake up at 6 am. When I was in my 20s, I always liked to sleep late because I would be doing shows till 2 am, but after you have kids, those days are over. I love getting outside for my 30-minute run (actually, I call it a “Slog” for a slow jog) on streets, not on the sidewalks! Easier on the knees! If you can catch the sunrise and the beautiful sky. It gives me energy, and I feel blessed. I try to get to my gym three times a week for 15 minutes right after my run. I must tell you, ladies or gentlemen, that’s when I eat my carbs because I have awakened my metabolism, and it works to break down that fat. Keeping my muscles strong is a must, but you don’t have to spend an hour unless you’ve got the time. In Covid, either your body went flabby, or you gained weight. You can form a habit if you do it for 30 days. Now, if I can’t run, I don’t feel like I can conquer the day!

**Pump It Up Magazine: Mind-Body Connection**
There’s a growing emphasis on the mind-body connection for overall well-being. How do you nurture this connection daily, and does it play a role in your vibrancy?

**Jan Daley:**
As I mentioned in the last question, exercise in the morning revitalizes your body & mind! And believe me, my body definitely talks to my mind. A good breakfast is something to look forward to. And I’m not talking about coffee and a pastry. I love to read the paper on my patio when weather permits. It’s your time and enjoy it. Although, when you’re a parent, that is not so easy, but figure out what meal you can do that. It’s important! During my years of parenting, it was lunch when I had the time to pamper myself.


**Pump It Up Magazine: Beauty Inside and Out**
Beauty is seen as both internal and external. What advice would you give to women who want to radiate beauty in their overall presence?

**Jan Daley:**
I think giving to others, be it your friends or family. There is something in supporting a friend that is going through a hard time. I find when I’m in traffic, which is always a constant problem in Los Angeles, I try to smile at a driver who has just cut me off or if I’m trying to get in front of them to turn, if I repay them with a smile and thank you it really helps. SMILE!! You never know who it affects.

**Pump It Up Magazine: Self-Care Rituals**
Self-care is crucial. What rituals contribute to your well-being?

**Jan Daley:**
I never go to bed without cleansing my face: morning and evening. Before I run, I read my daily devotionals. It’s kind of like my horoscope from God! It gives me direction for the day. Mine is Daily Word, that’s celebrating its 100th year in publication and Jesus Calling which is also an insightful look at your day. Mornings after running, I always take a shower, put on sunblock, and makeup, even if I don’t have interviews or rehearsals. For some reason, it makes me feel beautiful all day long.


**Pump It Up Magazine: Positive Aging**
Embracing aging positively is an art. How do you approach it, and what advice do you have for confident aging?

**Jan Daley:**
When I turned 70, I thought wow I can’t believe I’m 70; it seemed so old when I was in my 30s, but I realized I didn’t feel any different, so I just forgot my age and moved on. But you do have to keep moving & doing: meeting friends for a drink or lunch, going to concerts, movies, making room for romance in your life. In other words, GET OUT IN LIFE AND BE AMONG PEOPLE YOU’VE NEVER MET. Easier to say after Covid!

**Pump It Up Magazine: Charitable Work**
Beyond music, you’re involved in charitable activities. Could you share insights into causes you’re passionate about and organizations you support?

**Jan Daley:**
I think I got into charity in my late 30s and am still a part of two charities: NGA (National Giving Alliance) whose mission is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged individuals in our community by collecting, purchasing, and distributing new clothes, linens, and personal care items through the agencies we support. Next is Mannequins, which is a part of the Assistance League of Los Angeles whose mission is to improve the lives of impoverished children in our community through philanthropy, dedicated service, and compassionate programs. This is a fun group where we raise Modeling Designer

**Pump It Up Magazine: Impact and Support**
Your charity work has likely made a significant impact. Can you highlight a specific project you’re proud of and its impact?


**Jan Daley:**
It’s called Prom Day where we ask stores & studios to donate prom dresses, shoes, jewelry, undergarments, and even makeup for our High School Seniors, who are homeless and attend our local schools. The day is phenomenal! Watching these girls transition into Cinderella trying on these gowns & high heels and smiles on their faces that weren’t there when they came in. I’ve been known to shed a few tears on my way home, just knowing I’ve helped in a small way to give them a new outlook for their lives.

**Pump It Up Magazine: Involving Others**
For those admiring your dedication to causes, how can they contribute or get involved?

**Jan Daley:**
Assistance League of Los Angeles – www.assistanceleaguela.org 323-4609-1973 NGA can be found through the Assistance League of Los Angeles

**Pump It Up Magazine: Raising Awareness**
Artists use their platform for causes. How do you leverage your influence, and why is using your voice for philanthropy important?

**Jan Daley:**
To enlighten women across our nation. ALOLA is national and has groups around the country.

**Pump It Up Magazine: Empowering Women Through Music**
Celebrating Women’s History Month, your singles, “The Way of a Woman” and “The Girls in Love,” have had tremendous success. How have these themes resonated with your audience, especially in empowering women?

**Jan Daley:**
I think this last year woman of all ages resonate on my Motto: It’s Never Too Late, You’re Never too Old or Young to fulfill Your DREAMS! Soon to be 79, I’m living example.


**Pump It Up Magazine:**
Wishing everyone a Happy Women’s Month! May we continue to inspire and uplift each other in our diverse journeys!


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