Invest In A Long Term Marketing Plan | Music Release

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The First 5: Ramping Up For Release

 Put these 5 into place before any official announcements about a new album, EP, or even a single

1. Distribution – choose the right distributor
2. Website – modern and functional and easily updatable
3. Social Media – well branded and primed for building news
4. Newsletter – platform selected and new contacts added
5. Single (s) Selection – choose the strongest singles and plan out how each one will be released before a full EP/album.

The Second 5 Elements: Ordering the Chaos
The next 5 elements are all about organizing so you will be in action and not in reaction mode

1. Timeline – plan some milestones before the release date and follow through
2. Release – make sure the release day is as effective as it can possibly be
3. Social Media – content strategy and calendar planned out
4. Press & Promotion – PR targets and social media tastemakers identified
5. Shows – release show or special listening party event planned

The Constant 5: The Ongoing Work!
And finally, the work transforms into supplying consistent compelling content to strengthen relationships with fans and potential fans.

1. Releasing New Music – keep fans engaged with what they originally came for
2. Live Shows ­- hit the road or get in front of your audience without leaving the comfort of your own home
3. Ongoing Social Media – keep your channels exciting and fans interacting
4. Merchandise ­- plan what merch to get, how much, and when
5. Making Money – Newsletter, film & TV placements, continuation programs, VIP experiences and crowdfunding are all fabulous options

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