Interview With XP DINERO


Hello, thank you very much for taking a time out for a Pump it up Magazine Interview.


  1. We see you’re from Miami. What is the Music Scene like there and how does that scene influence or shape your music?

I’m originally from Washington DC but I have lived in different areas I currently live in Miami the music scene is real diverse just like the city itself I get allot of my creativity from the city the vibe with the beach and the palm trees it has a big latin music scene here and the clubs that I go to embraces that scene as well it allows you to create music without being in a box because there’s so many different walks of life from this country and others as well which I learn from the different cultures and it influences my sound.

2. Please share with our readers about your music career and how it’s brought you to this moment in time?

I’ve been a music lover as far back as I can remember I have played in different bands and I have been performing to some capacity most of my life I have had the opportunity to be groomed and to be taught by a few Grammy winning producers which has helped me allot I have been through the ups and downs as well I had a recent bright spot with the Washington Nationals the year they won the World Series I performed a song that I wrote for the team which landed me on several different news stations in DC as well as Houston things were looking good I was starting to get things in motion again traveling and doing shows opening up for a major on the tours that they would get but Covid derailed that, furthermore my manager and friend that had helped me in allot of ways passed away from Covid which was a major blow because we were about to put things on go that was worked on for years but I refused to give up and really focused on the music spending nights and days working on my craft and I have created and recorded allot of material which makes it hard to choose your best song lol.
  1. How did the creation of Shake Ya Hiney come about?
Shake Ya Hiney started out with me playing around I am true jokester I kept saying I’m a spank ya hiney and then it hit me to make a song out of it I found the beat I was gifted studio time at one of my favorite studios in Miami for Christmas went and recorded it and everyone was like its a hit I was like no way but after listening and sending it out to different people they were feeling it even my dad loved it and he doesent like most of my music lol and Joel was like lets go you got one at that point I put my other music on hold and now its all about shake ya hiney I love the reaction that it gets and I love that it puts a smile on peoples face and that it makes them want to dance and forget about there problems even for just a moment.
  1. Since February is Black History Month… let’s chat. What are some of your favorite African American artists and why? Who’s inspired you?
Some of my favorite African-American artist I have to say James Brown from what I have learned about him and his work ethic and how he was able to break down barriers and make the music without having rules and he was one great performer I like Beyonce she is very good at capturing her audience and also her work ethic is undeniable I like Kanye, Andre 3000 Jay Z, Pitbull, T-pain, Pharrel and Bruno Mars lol there music is very universal just good music.
As far as what artist inspires me its to many to name I appreciate all of the artist I feel like when you’re on the biggest stage you have to be vulnerable because everyone has a opinion about you at all times regardless of what you do you have to be desensitized to a degree and at this moment Drake seems to be handling that well

5. What is favorite memory as an artist that relates to African American History?

One of my favorite memories that I can remember is being in Atlanta around the times of George Floyd and the Rashard Brooks incident that happened for the first time I participated in a protest and I got to see all races and people from all ages come together and let there voices be heard we literally walked the whole metro Atlanta with police escorts it was something to experience all cops aren’t bad and allot of cops supported the movement
  1. The name XP Dinero is an interesting name? What is the meaning behind the name?
Xp Dinero and where does that come from well for starters riding motorcycles and doing extreme stunts etc I started calling myself the X Factor then I switched to Xp but with that being related to Microsoft I felt as if I needed to add a better ring to it I tried different names but Dinero seemed to fit in the long term the best get to the $$ lol
  1. Do you consider yourself an R&B artist or Hip Hop artist?
Do I consider myself a R&B artist or hip hop I really don’t put myself in one particular genre because I feel like art has no limitations and however I express myself with it being hip hop or R&B I like to do whatever fits that mood I feel as if I’m capable of being both but ultimately it comes down to what the people want from the most
  1. Let us know your goals, wishes and dreams for the future. And please leave a comment for the fans
My ultimate goal is to be able to do music and entertainment and being able to make a good living from doing so I would like to Stay healthy and see everyone around me go after there dreams and find that happy place I would like to have enough success that I could change people’s lives around me for the best
I would like to say to my fans and my future fans never give up on your dreams even if you don’t know the pathway to get started get started believe in yourself and I hope that y’all get a chance to enjoy these moments with me chase your destiny don’t wait for it
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