Injured? Here Is What You Need to Know About Legal Remedies

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When a person has been involved in an accident of some kind and have suffered an injury, oftentimes, people may ask themselves, “Now what?” What can they do to seek compensation, or are they even able to seek justice for their injuries? Where can they find an attorney to help their case? Do they even have a case to claim? Below we’ve provided general information about what you may be able to do if you’ve been injured and how a personal injury attorney could help you seek compensation.

What is Personal Injury Law and How Does it Relate to Common Injuries?

Personal injury law, or tort law, serves a crucial role in helping protect you when you are injured or harmed by someone else’s act or failure to act. When you suffer an injury caused by another person(s), you could be left barely treading water in an endless sea of medical debt, lost wages, and other unexpected expenses that should not be your responsibility to handle. These changes to your life, depending, can create a minor or major impact on your quality of life. Personal Injury law plays a role in holding those negligent people or businesses accountable and could help get you the compensation you need to live a normal life again.


What are the Legal Options Available to Injured Parties?

Victims have the potential case for any lawsuit depending on the severity of their injuries. For minor bumps, bruises, and cuts, if you feel it would help, victims have the option of going to small claims court, which could result in compensation under $25k in damages. However, when injuries are more serious, and damages could be more significant, it may be helpful to speak with a personal injury attorney to understand your legal rights and potential options for seeking compensation.

Please note that this information is general in nature and should not be considered legal advice. Each case is unique and outcomes may vary based on individual circumstances. We recommend consulting with an attorney for specific legal advice about your particular situation.

How Can Injured Parties Document and Report Their Injuries?

When you’ve suffered a personal injury, it is essential for you to do everything you can to protect your injury case. Below we’ve provided you with the steps you should take after you’ve been injured in order to document and properly report your claim when the time comes.

  • Document the scene: Ask for someone to take pictures of the scene of the incident.


  • Ask for witness contact information: Phone numbers, emails, addresses, or anything you can use to contact them.


  • Report the incident to authorities: Either to the police, management or someone in authority.


  • Request documentation: Make sure you receive documentation of the incident from who you reported to.


  • File an incident report: Once you’ve got the proper documentation, file an incident report to the police.


  • Keep records: Take notes of your entire experience from start to present, including any injuries, pain, expenses, and losses.


  • Seek medical care: Immediately after you have been injured, seek out care from a medical professional to have your injuries fully assessed–gathering and retaining all medical records, bills, and invoices.


  • Tell medical providers to bill your health insurance for services you need.


One of the most critical steps in this process is to ensure you do not sign or consent to anything from an insurance adjuster before getting legal counsel.

Can You Provide Resources For Injured Parties to Find Legal Assistance?

Once you have completed the above steps in documenting and reporting your injuries, your next step should be seeking legal counsel for your injury case.

Start contacting law firms, a car accident lawyer and or attorneys in your area that align with what you are looking for. You can even talk to your community about their experiences with certain attorneys and how they fared. You can always do research online for free legal information and attorney directories to help you build a list of potential personal injury attorneys to talk to about your case.

Please note that we cannot guarantee any specific outcome or success in your case, and we recommend consulting with an attorney for personalized advice and representation.

What Steps Should Injured Parties Take When Seeking Legal Help?

Having an attorney to represent you can be beneficial in seeking compensation for your injuries. When looking for an injury attorney, you’ll need to consider several things, and there is no harm in interviewing the attorneys or law firms you are interested in before deciding to hire them. Law firms often offer potential clients free case evaluations to see if they’d be a good fit for them to take on.


When going into these so-called interviews, in order to make sure you are finding the right one for you, make sure you are asking the right questions.


  • What is their experience like in personal injury cases?
  • What resources do they have available to them?
  • What are their success rates?
  • Do they have references or testimonials from previous clients?
  • What are their fees?


If it turns out they aren’t the perfect fit for your injury case, oftentimes, an attorney can help guide you in the right direction for who you should contact for help.


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