How To Make The Most Of A Day Off Work 


It’s always exciting to have a day off work, but often the anticipation of that day off is better than the day itself, and you might look back on the time you had – time in which you could have done so many things – and find that really, you wasted it. This can so easily happen if you don’t have a plan in place to enjoy your day off to the fullest, but it’s also hard to think of things to do when you’re just happy not to be working. With that in mind, here are some great things you could do to help you make the most of a day off work when you have one so you don’t waste the day but use it well. Read on to find out more. 


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Have A Good Breakfast 

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while that’s not strictly true (they’re all just as important), it is something you should definitely take your time over when you have a day off, and you’re not rushing to head out of the door or get the children to school on time. 


Instead of having a quick bowl of cereal (or nothing at all), you can prepare a healthy, nutritious meal that will help you feel energised and alert. That means that anything else you have planned will be much easier to enjoy, and you won’t spend the day snacking between meals because you’ll be satisfied with your breakfast and won’t therefore be hungry. 


Good examples of the kind of breakfast you can have when you have a little more time to spare include an omelet, oatmeal with fruit and nuts, or perhaps a smoothie (this is ideal for those who don’t like to eat in the mornings but who are still looking for a healthy boost when they can get one). 


Go Outside 

If the weather is very rainy or windy, or even if it’s snowing, going outside might not be something you want to do, but otherwise, it’s a great idea to spend a little of your day off in the back garden, the local park, or taking a walk through the woods. 


Most people stay indoors for the majority of the time. They work indoors, their hobbies are indoor ones, and if they shop online, they might not have to leave the house at all. This isn’t great for your physical health, and going outside means you’ll be being active and you’ll be breathing in fresh air; both of these things are good for you.


You don’t have to be outside for long if you prefer not to be (although you could spend your entire day off outside if the idea appeals), but try to allocate at least thirty minutes to the great outdoors. You can walk, run, do some gardening, or even just sit still, listening to nature. You’ll feel relaxed and happy, and you’ll feel as though you’re making your day off count. 


Do Batch Cooking 

Batch cooking is the practice of cooking more food than you need and freezing the extra portions so that you can defrost them for a healthy meal when you don’t have a lot of time. It’s a great way to cut down on takeout and unhealthy processed food. 


Of course, the key to batch cooking is to have the time to do the initial cooking in the first place. If you can find this time, you can cook some wonderful dishes like fish pie, lasagne, and curry, and have plenty to enjoy over the next few weeks if you need it. 


When you have a day off work, you’ll have the time you need to batch cook as much as you want to. Spend some time organizing the meals you want to make, head to the store to get what you want, and then enjoy the process of cooking it all. This will certainly not be a wasted day. 


Take Time For Self-Care 

Self-care is a term you may have heard because people are realising that it is important. In fact, studies suggest that self-care is necessary for your health and happiness. The problem is that it’s not always easy to practice self-care when there are so many other commitments and responsibilities to consider. 


It’s good to practice self-care as much as possible, but if you have a day off, this is the ideal time to start – or catch up. Having a good breakfast is a form of self-care, and other ideas include reading a book, listening to music, having a massage (or a whole spa day).

When it comes to self-care, it’s going to mean something different to everyone. So think about what will make you happiest and help you relax and recharge the most. If you do this, then even if it seems as though you’re not getting much done on your day off, you’re actually investing in your health (mental and physical), and that’s vital and well worth doing. 


Learn Something New 

Taking the time to learn something new on your day off could be the ideal way to keep your brain stimulated and have a good time when you’re not at work. You can choose anything, from learning a new language to playing an instrument, or you might just want to learn some new facts about a period of history or geography, for example. 


It’s good to try to learn something new each day as it helps keep our minds active, but it’s not always possible when there is a lot happening. Making it your mission to learn something new when you have a day off is great, as you’ll have the time to do it, and it might become a habit you can incorporate into other days, even if you are working. 


Learning new things can expand your horizons and give you a new path in life that can take you anywhere, so it’s a great thing to do when you’re able to. 

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