Eleven Tips for Nurses to Get Higher Roles


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Nurses are an essential part of the health care system. They provide critical care to patients and play a significant role in their recovery. Nurses are also responsible for educating patients about their condition and helping them to make healthy choices.

To advance their careers, nurses need to be proactive and take steps to improve their skills. This article will discuss a few tips to help nurses attain higher roles in the healthcare industry!


1. Identify a Mentor:

Some workplace environments are more challenging to navigate than others, and having a mentor can make the transition smoother. Mentors provide valuable guidance, advice, and support, often invaluable for nurses looking to progress upwards. The mentor should be respected and trusted, such as a manager or senior professional in the field.

Some hospitals sponsor mentorship programs and other initiatives to help nurses establish relationships with experienced professionals. Nurses can reach out to their mentors regularly to ask questions and gain insight into the leadership roles they aspire to.

2. Educate Yourself Further:

Advanced qualifications can open many doors in the healthcare industry, and further studies are necessary for nurses who want to take on leadership roles. In addition, doing extra courses such as NCLEX preparation for foreign nurses and obtaining certifications can help nurses develop their skills and demonstrate their commitment to their profession.

Nurses can pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) specialization. If you think about what can you do with an MSN nursing specialization, you can become a nurse practitioner, midwife, health care administrator, or educator. Depending on your specialization, an MSN degree can also open up managerial roles in medical facilities.

3. Stay Updated:

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so nurses must keep up with changes in the field. Reading journals, attending conferences, and taking online courses can help nurses stay updated on the latest practices and technologies. In addition, it will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for higher roles.

Technology is essential in healthcare, and nurses must be tech-savvy to progress. Software that aids nurses in streamlining processes, reducing errors, and improving patient care is used widely throughout medical institutions.

As a result, nurses must familiarize themselves with the technology available in their workplace and be prepared to take on more responsibilities.

4.    Support Your Team Members:

Nurses can demonstrate their commitment to teamwork by helping with tasks, giving constructive feedback, and providing emotional support when needed. In addition, being a team player will show others that you can take on higher roles.

Positive relationships with coworkers are necessary to become successful in the nursing industry. Try to help each other and understand that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Networking is also a great way to get hired in the health industry

5.    Lead By Example:

Nurses must be role models for their colleagues and demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. In addition, supervisors will usually look for employees willing to take on more responsibility, so nurses should not hesitate to step up and take the lead.

Those who come out of their comfort zone and take the initiative to lead by example will be noticed by supervisors. Not only does it demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow, but it also shows a dedication to their profession.

6.    Clarify Anything You’re Unsure of:

No one wants to make a mistake in the workplace, but it can happen. To ensure that nurses are prepared for higher roles, they should take the time to clarify anything they’re unsure about. When nurses are hesitant or overwhelmed by a task, they must ask questions to understand the situation more clearly.

Nurses should also take advantage of any available resources, such as reference books, online tutorials, and other forms of support that can help them work more effectively.

7.    Strengthen Communication Skills:

Good communication skills are critical for nurses who want to progress in the healthcare industry. Nurses should work on developing their communication skills by listening carefully to patients, colleagues, and superiors. They should also express themselves clearly and without any hesitation.

Nurses who feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups can take courses or attend seminars on public speaking. It can help them become more confident in their ability to communicate and present ideas effectively, an essential quality for nurses in higher positions.

8.    Take Your Time:

Nurses should not rush into higher roles without gaining experience and qualifications. Unfortunately, it can take a few years for nurses to gain the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed for higher positions.

Take the time to build your skills and network with peers in the industry who can provide support and guidance along the way. It will help you become more prepared for higher roles and give you the best chance of success.

9.    Develop Your Organizational Skills:

Organizational skills are essential for nurses in higher roles. Nurses should be able to manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and handle various tasks simultaneously. Developing these skills is key to reaching higher levels of responsibility and success in nursing.

Identify systems and tools to help you manage your workload more effectively. It will help you feel more in control of your career and give you the best chance of success. Nurses should also stay organized to ensure that all tasks are completed correctly and on time.

10. Provide Emotional Support:

Nurses in higher roles are often expected to emotionally support their colleagues and patients. They should be willing to listen and empathize with those in need. Being able to provide emotional support and having a compassionate attitude will be beneficial for nurses as they move up the career ladder.

A supportive ear can go a long way in the healthcare industry. However, nurses should also consider their mental health and practice self-care to be in the best frame of mind to provide quality emotional support.

11. Create a Positive Work Environment:

A positive work environment is essential for nurses who want to reach higher roles. They should strive to create an atmosphere of collaboration and inclusion in the workplace. Nurses should also ensure that everyone is treated respectfully and fairly regardless of race, gender, or background.

A positive work environment will also help nurses develop their leadership skills. Nurses should take the time to mentor and guide other nurses looking to progress in their careers. It will help them gain the confidence and knowledge they need to reach higher roles.


Nurses are more essential than ever in ensuring quality patient care in the current healthcare landscape. Achieving a higher-level nursing role comes with increased responsibility and greater satisfaction in seeing first-hand the impact of your work on patients, families, and communities.

By following these steps and developing your skill set, you will be on the right path to successfully achieving a management or leadership nursing role.


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