Beginner’s Guide – a Sneak Peek into Yoga Poses for Balance and Strength!

Health is wealth, the ancient knowledge humans have carried in their hearts and minds through generations. Yet, growing urbanization and its impact on lifestyle somewhere have eclipsed human wisdom. The increasing obesity rate is the evidence. In the UAE, 41% of women and 29% of men suffer from obesity. Even girls and boys also face this health challenge. The silver lining is people’s rising focus on health as they understand chronic diseases like obesity don’t come alone. It makes an individual highly vulnerable to cardiovascular disorders, fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Due to rapid development in the UAE, people’s lifestyles have taken a drastic turn. Their physical activity has reduced, while their calorie consumption has increased.

After witnessing the side-effects of such daily habits, everyone, including men, women, girls, boys, and seniors, wants to choose better for their wellness. Some attend gyms, while others explore yoga. Working out with a kettlebell and barbell is still more common. However, health experts believe yoga can deliver more sustainable and long-term effects by improving mobility, stability, and isometric holds. Even a beginner can benefit from regular yoga practices. However, you need a yoga personal trainer to guide you about the specific poses that stretch your body from head to toe and muscles. After all, getting the accurate posture and holding it for a required duration is necessary to reap the benefits. Here are a few examples to help you understand the intricacies involved in different yoga postures so you can make the correct decision.

  • Tree pose

You can do a tree pose by stretching the hips sideways for balance and a wide range of motion. One can find its utility more when doing lower-body workouts that involve limb’s stamina and balance. On some days, getting this pose can feel like a breeze. But other days can seem challenging. One needs to be more mindful of those random days. It begins with assuming the mountain pose. While inhaling, you lift your one leg and keep it on the inner upper thigh area of the other leg with the knee pointing to the side. Someone with less flexible hip movements may consider resting their foot on the inner calf. As you stay in this pose, the breathing cycle should be slow. Initially, you can take the support of a wall or other suitable prop for balance.

  • Twists

Yoga offers different types of spinal twists, from easy to advanced. The simple version includes lying flat on the back, inhaling, and stretching one leg upside down with the knee bending at a 45-degree angle. As you release your breath, you fold the legs over your body with the opposite arm stretched on the other side. When in the pose, deep and slow breathing should continue. If you feel excess pressure on your spine, use a pillow under the folded knee to alleviate it. This yoga twist can ease tension in the lower back and help you sleep well. It’s also good for the heart and muscles.

Nevertheless, each yoga posture requires proper symmetry or balance to avoid creating unnecessary pressure on any point, no matter what you do. A personal trainer from can ensure this and suggest the best movements for your body to increase stability and mobility.

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