18 November 2018

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AYA – Soulfully good !

“There’s little doubt that, contest winner AYA could sing the traditional song book and it would sound Soulfully good.

Her voice has a certain familiar tonality to it, which one associates with the classic Jazz-singers like Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerald.

Yet, there’s also something modernly different in her phrasing which will tantalize your ears. She can move effortlessly through all the colours of Soul and Jazz with conviction. Singer-songwriter, she makes a wonderful standard all hers with her interpretation

Her EP “TIME HAS COME” is available to shop at: http://www.upmystore.com/artiste-1722-AYA_Ben.html Aya’s music will be distributed by various companies across Europe and Asia.

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22 pages, published 7/30/2016

Hello Readers, When one mentions the word “hippie” most think about the 1960s. They think about the flowing skirts and long unkempt hair. The peace loving hippies were more than just happy stoners. They were young people who were redefining their thoughts on the issues of war.Hippies protested in the streets with signs that said things such as, “Make Love, Not War”. They would also chant and sing through the streets and play music…





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