14 November 2018

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A hero: Grandpa cooks huge servings of food for poor orphans kids


Grandparents are indeed special but one amazing grandpa is becoming viral for his kindness. Although his name remains to be a mystery, this “grandpa” is now famous for his viral videos.

In his Facebook and YouTube accounts, Grandpa Kitchen and his team post inspiring cooking videos. But these are not ordinary cooking videos because Grandpa cooks huge servings of food to feed the poor orphans in his place. With his contagious smile, grandpa shows us how to make huge servings of our favorite food like pizza, chocolate cake and many others.

One of grandpa’s viral videos that shows him cooking a big goat leg for the orphan children had reached 2 million views. His french fries video has garnered a whooping 4 million views since its upload a month ago.


But more than the humongous food, grandpa’s supporters usually comment on how heartwarming the videos are. It shows how simple food that we normally eat everyday are eagerly awaited by the orphans. It also proves that being a “hero to many” doesn’t choose any age or status in life; rather, it only needs a big heart.

Grandpa Kitchen already has close to 500,000 followers on their YouTube channel and 50,000 on their Facebook page.

Here, grandpa makes a huge chocolate cake without an oven Check his campaign in Patreon page:

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