4 Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Treadmill

Health and fitness are quite the investment. But when it comes to keeping fit, there are such pathetic excuses like poor weather, bad roads, etc, but all these are greatly minimized by exercising at home. With a range of options available on the market—for example at Sole Treadmills—choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Well, you might want to know that choosing treadmills doesn’t mean you’ve got to have the most expensive one with the most features. It does mean choosing one that serves your fitness goals and your space and budget.

You do need a treadmill that will be satisfied with and actually will serve your needs, and this article has compiled the four most important aspects to take note of.

1. Tailor Your Choice to Your Fitness Goals

Are you using the treadmill to get fit, lose weight, or train for a marathon? Treadmills vary. For example, high-end models may have features that allow a simulation of running on uneven terrain. These also usually have a wider speed range and higher incline. But is this model right for you? If you are an athlete, yes. But for someone wanting to only focus on mild daily exercise, a basic model would be just right. Understanding your objectives will help you identify the features most relevant to your fitness journey.

2. Consider Space Efficiency and Treadmill Size

The space also highly matters; consider where the treadmill is to be located. For some people, especially big city dwellers, space is such a precious thing. With this in mind, folding treadmills would be the most convenient thing for them, since they could easily put them into storage whenever not in use.

3. Look for Cool Features for an Enhanced Workout Experience

Modern top-end treadmills at Sole Treadmills boast consoles jam-packed with tons of features to make working out as enjoyable as possible. With most modern treadmills, you’ll find heart rate monitors, Bluetooth compatibility, cushioning systems, inbuilt workout programs, all to make exercise as enjoyable as possible. As we’ve mentioned before, others even let you run in virtual picturesque landscapes.

4. Balance Budget and Peace of Mind

Your available budget naturally is a consideration that is important to look at. However, whatever your budget is, you also need to consider warranty. A good warranty would assure you have peace of mind, as you will be covered from possible future repair bills because of factory defects.


Yes, it’s both tempting and probably rational to go for the cheapest option. However, if it has no warranty for example, then it might not be the best investment as it may be a reflection that the manufacturer is not happy to stand by their product. And neither should you.


In conclusion, it is all a balancing act that involves understanding your fitness goals, space requirement, desired added features, and budget. So, think about the above before making a decision. It will help you to worry less. Make a wise decision, and let your treadmill bring you steps closer to your fitness goal(s).


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