4 Questions To Ask A Truck Accident Lawyer During Your Consultation

Trucking accidents can be traumatic; the road to recovery seems long. Part of those very first steps in obtaining the necessary recovery compensation amounts is making sure you are represented legally. A specialized truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles can be your advocate, fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Most important is asking the right questions during the consultation to make your final decision.

This is so you can determine what kind of experience and approach the lawyer has in handling your needs. We have here four very important questions that will help you know more about the expertise and tactics of this lawyer. These will help you be better prepared and feel more assured and knowledgeable when making a choice.

Question 1: What Is Your Experience with Truck Accident Cases in Los Angeles?

Experience is an important tool in most cases when it comes to truck accidents. Most truck accidents are tied with state- and local-specific regulations that not each and every lawyer is aware of. Ask a would-be lawyer about his or her history in regard to truck accident cases in Los Angeles. How many have they successfully worked on? What were the outcomes? A good truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles will have a good track record showing their ability to win these complex cases.

Question 2: How Do You Approach Liability and Damages in Truck Accident Cases?

Truck accidents can be most complicated, with several parties possibly at fault. Ask the attorney how he or she establishes liability and damages. In this question, you would take a keen insight into their analytic process and how well-prepared they are in seeing the case through to a fruitful end.

Question 3: Can You Provide Examples of Settlements or Verdicts in Similar Cases?

Of course, results speak louder than words. You should also ask to see examples of past settlements or verdicts this truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles has procured in cases involving truck accidents. No two cases are the same, but at least the ability to view some evidence of past successes will give some semblance of confidence and an idea of what you may be looking at. A competent lawyer will be proud to share their accomplishments and provide references if requested.

Question 4: What Are Your Fees and How Are They Structured?

But before you hire a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles, make sure that you are aware of how he or she charges. Most lawyers handling truck accident cases operate on a contingency fee basis, with the arrangement that he or she be paid a percentage of your settlement or verdict. However, you should ask for information on what extra cost may be brought about in the process, such as filing fees, or charges to be obtained for expert witnesses. Early information on all potential costs will allow you to avoid surprises later.


The selection of an able Los Angeles truck accident lawyer is one big stride towards justice and compensation. By asking these four questions during consultation, you will be able to know about the qualifications of each lawyer and how helpful they can be in handling your case. A good lawyer is not only one that has the answers to every question but is also one who will always make you comfortable and support you to the very end.

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