2024 Editorial Calendar – Print/Digital Issue

Pump It Up Magazine – Editorial Calendar 2024

Month: February 2024

Theme: “New Year, New You”

  • Content: Resolutions, personal development tips
  • Featured Sections: “New Year Resolutions,” “Personal Growth Insights,” “Spotlight on Self-Improvement.”

Month: February 2024

  1. Theme: “Love and Passion”
    • Content: Relationship advice, romantic getaways, beauty tips for date nights, and features on mental health within relationships.
    • Featured Sections: “Love Chronicles,” “Romantic Destinations,” “Glowing Together.”

Month: March 2024

  1. Theme: “Spring Renewal: Nourish Your Mind and Body”
    • Content: Emphasis on mental and physical rejuvenation, featuring travel destinations promoting wellness, mental health awareness, and beauty and fashion for the spring season.
    • Featured Sections: “Mindful Travel Escapes,” “Holistic Wellness Spotlight,” “Spring Fashion Rebirth.”

Month: April 2024

  1. Theme: “Travel and Adventure: Embrace the New”
    • Content: Explore travel destinations that inspire new beginnings, adventure stories, wellness retreats, beauty and fashion trends for travelers.
    • Featured Sections: “Discover New Horizons,” “Wellness Retreats,” “Adventure Chic.”

Month: May 2024

  1. Theme: “Summer Bliss: Beauty and Fashion Unleashed”
    • Content: Summer beauty tips, fashion trends, wellness practices for the season, and travel destinations for the perfect summer getaway.
    • Featured Sections: “Sizzling Summer Styles,” “Beauty in the Sun,” “Wellness Under the Sun.”

Month: June 2024

  1. Theme: “Entertainment and Fashion Extravaganza”
    • Content: Highlights of summer events, music festivals, blockbuster releases, and the latest in fashion and beauty for the entertainment season.
    • Featured Sections: “Summer Events Spectacle,” “Fashion on the Stage,” “Blockbuster Beauty.”

Month: July 2024

  1. Theme: “Health and Wellness: Body and Mind”
    • Content: Fitness routines, wellness practices, mental health insights, and beauty tips for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
    • Featured Sections: “Fitness Focus,” “Mindful Living,” “Glow from Within.”

Month: August 2024

  1. Theme: “Back to School Glam: Beauty and Fashion for Learning”
    • Content: Fashion trends for back-to-school, beauty routines for students, and wellness tips for a successful academic year.
    • Featured Sections: “Student Chic,” “Beauty in the Books,” “Wellness for Success.”

Month: September 2024

  1. Theme: “Fall Fashion Forward”
    • Content: Fashion trends for the upcoming fall season, beauty essentials, and wellness practices for transitioning into autumn.
    • Featured Sections: “Fall Fashion Trends,” “Autumn Beauty Picks,” “Wellness in the Crisp Air.”

Month: October 2024

  1. Theme: “Spooky Places to Travel: Halloween Edition”
    • Content: Explore eerie and haunted destinations around the world, Halloween beauty looks, and wellness tips for the spooky season.
    • Featured Sections: “Haunted Travel Adventures,” “Halloween Glam,” “Wellness in the Shadows.”

Month: November 2024

  1. Theme: “Gratitude and Glam: Thanksgiving Edition”
    • Content: Beauty and fashion for Thanksgiving celebrations, gratitude practices, and wellness tips for the holiday season.
    • Featured Sections: “Thanksgiving Glam,” “Gratitude Chic,” “Wellness of Thanks.”

Month: December 2024

  1. Theme: “Festive Beauty and Fashion Wonderland”
    • Content: Festive beauty looks, holiday fashion trends, wellness practices for the festive season, and travel destinations for winter getaways.
    • Featured Sections: “Holiday Glam Spectacle,” “Fashion in a Winter Wonderland,” “Wellness and Wonders.”
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