U180 – A Pioneer of Chinese hip-hop group from Hangzhou

U180 is a pioneer of Chinese hip-hop group from Hangzhou, East coast of China that consisted of rappers Nengnen and T-Jack, and DJ/producer Chopurmind . The group produced two studio albums and may mixtapes up to now. Recently, U180 is one of the well-known hiphop groups in China and actively collaborating with other different artists and producers all over the world, such as Lu1(L.A.),Soundzimage(France),Chee production (Cantonese group),DJ LJ(DMC champion China),Petenuts(GrooveBunny Records), Gavintoo(Mingtown Records).Also, they were invited to perform at Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanning, Hefei and many other cities around the country, during the past few years.



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