Three Dimensional Crew: “Sensei” – spare, gritty and rambling!

Three Dimensional Crew are all from the Bay Area in Northern California, and now are headquartered in Santa Cruz. Tony Diamonds, John Dough and Tyl3r Durd3n have a history of ripping mics and moving crowds in Oakland and Santa Cruz. The TDC sound has its roots in classic hip hop and manifests itself in many different forms, blending different hip hop genres and infusing them with some next-level futuristic sauce.

Three Dimensional Crew

Three Dimensional Crew has released their latest single, entitled“Sensei”. There is almost no doubting TDC’s remarkably easy flow and creative metaphors, which can either make you want to hear more, or rewind it to hear what they just said. While listening to “Sensei”, and earing some of the unbelievably creative rhymes, I wondered how do they come up with these lyrics. Three Dimensional Crew has the ability to hit you in all types of places which has been a rare quality in emcees since the beginning of hip-hop and is completely extinct in today’s rap.

However, it’s not just the lyrics that make this song, the beat is also on point. The sound is spare, gritty and rambling, Every time I listen to this track, it gets better. Each time I notice something different. The whole thing works perfectly. There is no bragging about being shot, no endless shout-outs to wack rappers, just a pure knocking beat mixed with some tongue in cheek lyrics. You can almost hear the Three Dimensional Crew mentally cutting apart all the flash and fakery that has come to dominate today’s rap world – leaving a cold and honest view of his reality.

TDC portrays this with a laidback, calm flow and great lyrics that are both world-weary and fairly complex. They seem at a creative peak, as “Sensei” is truly atmospheric and deep sounding with its Eastern influenced beat, and there are no outside contributions as far as I can make out, meaning the track here is pure Three Dimensional Crew. “Sensei” is a complete, well-rounded, and diverse piece of rap, unique and basically unlike the usual mainstream pasturage.


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