The Ultimate Jackson Hole Adventure Itinerary: Outdoor Activities for Every Season

 Welcome to the ultimate guide to experiencing Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just starting out, this itinerary has something for everyone. It’s all about making the most of every season. Jackson Hole’s a total gem, with awesome activities and stunning scenery. 

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It’s perfect for anyone looking for an epic outdoor adventure! What kind of adventure are you after? Here’s the lowdown on when to visit and how to stay safe. We’ve got the scoop on making it a trip to remember – for families and solo travelers too!

Summer Adventures in Jackson Hole

Whitewater Rafting

Summer is the perfect time to experience the thrill of whitewater rafting in Snake River Canyon. The rapids in this section of the river range from Class II to Class III, offering an exciting adventure for both beginners and experienced rafters.

For a more relaxed experience, opt for a scenic float trip down the Snake River. These trips offer a peaceful way to enjoy the stunning scenery and spot wildlife along the riverbanks.

Mountain Biking

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort transforms into a mountain biking paradise during the summer. With a variety of trails ranging from beginner to expert, this resort offers something for every level of rider.

Cache Creek is another popular mountain biking destination, featuring a network of trails that wind through lush forests and along creek beds. This area is perfect for those looking to explore the natural beauty of Jackson Hole on two wheels.


The Cascade Canyon Trail is a must-do hike in Jackson Hole during the summer. This trail takes you through lush forests, past cascading waterfalls, and up to stunning alpine vistas. When planning your trip, consider staying in one of the comfortable Jackson Hole vacation rentals for easy access to these trails and other attractions.

For a more challenging hike, try the Death Canyon Trail. This trail offers spectacular views of the Teton Range and the opportunity to see wildlife like marmots, pikas, and even bears.

Climbing and Mountaineering

For the ultimate adventure, consider climbing the Grand Teton. This iconic peak is a challenging climb, but the views from the summit are unparalleled. Hire a guide to ensure a safe and successful ascent.

Teton Village offers a variety of climbing routes for all skill levels. From beginner-friendly bouldering problems to advanced multi-pitch routes, this area is a climber’s paradise.

Winter Wonderland in Jackson Hole

Activity Location Family-Friendly Description
Skiing/Snowboarding Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort Yes Diverse slopes for all skill levels, with ski schools available.


Yellowstone National Park, Togwotee Pass Yes Guided tours through scenic, snowy landscapes.
Cross Country Skiing Grand Teton National Park, Teton Pines Nordic Center Yes Serene trails with breathtaking views of the Tetons.
Snowshoeing Grand Teton National Park Yes Peaceful trails are ideal for wildlife spotting and enjoying winter scenery.
Sleigh Rides National Elk Refuge Yes Cozy rides offering close-up views of elk herds.

Spring Awakening in Jackson Hole

Wildlife Safaris

Spring is a fantastic time to embark on a wildlife safari in Jackson Hole. The National Elk Refuge is home to thousands of elk, and during spring, you can witness their migration and calving season.

Join a guided tour through Bridger-Teton National Forest to encounter a variety of wildlife, including bears, wolves, and bison. Spring is an active time for these animals as they emerge from hibernation and begin foraging for food.

Fly Fishing

The Snake River is a premier fly fishing destination, especially during spring when the waters are teeming with trout. Hire a local guide to take you to the best fishing spots and improve your chances of a successful catch.

Flat Creek, located in the National Elk Refuge, offers excellent fly fishing opportunities in a serene setting. This area is known for its cutthroat trout and stunning scenery.


As the snow melts, the hiking trails in Jackson Hole come to life. The Taggart Lake Trail is a popular spring hike that offers breathtaking views of the Teton Range and a picturesque lake as your destination.

The Jenny Lake Loop is another fantastic spring hike. This trail circles the pristine Jenny Lake and provides stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls.

Fall Foliage and Adventure in Jackson Hole

Horseback Riding

Fall is a beautiful time to explore Jackson Hole on horseback. The Bridger-Teton National Forest offers a variety of horseback riding trails that take you through colorful aspen groves and along scenic ridges.

Teton Village also offers guided horseback riding tours. These tours provide a unique way to experience the stunning fall foliage and the beauty of the Teton Range.


The Phelps Lake Overlook trail is a fantastic fall hike that offers breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The vibrant fall colors make this hike particularly picturesque.

The Granite Canyon Trail is another great fall hike. This trail takes you through a stunning canyon and offers the chance to see wildlife and beautiful fall foliage.

Fly Fishing

Fall is an excellent time for fly fishing in Jackson Hole. The Gros Ventre River is a prime spot for catching trout, and the fall colors make for a beautiful backdrop.

The Snake River is also a great option for fall fly fishing. The cooler temperatures and lower water levels create ideal conditions for trout fishing.

Wildlife Viewing

The Moose-Wilson Road is a prime location for wildlife viewing in the fall. This area is known for its moose population, and you can often see these majestic animals foraging in the fall foliage.

Grand Teton National Park is another excellent spot for fall wildlife viewing. The cooler temperatures and vibrant fall colors make it a perfect time to spot elk, deer, and even bears.

Year-Round Activities in Jackson Hole

  • Hot Springs

Granite Hot Springs: Located in Bridger-Teton National Forest, these hot springs offer a relaxing soak with stunning wilderness views.

Astoria Hot Springs: Near Hoback Junction, these natural hot springs are perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure.

  • Scenic Drives

Teton Park Road: Offers breathtaking views of the Teton Range, with numerous pullouts for photo opportunities and wildlife viewing.

Moose-Wilson Road: Provides stunning views and wildlife sightings, especially beautiful in the fall.

  • National Museum of Wildlife Art

A must-visit for art and wildlife enthusiasts, featuring an extensive collection of wildlife art and views of the National Elk Refuge.

  • Jackson Hole Rodeo

Runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, showcasing the skills of local cowboys and cowgirls, offering a taste of the Wild West.

Happy Tripping

Jackson Hole’s the perfect spot for outdoor fun, no matter the season. They’ve got activities for all skill levels, from chill to extreme. Want an adrenaline rush or just a quiet hike? Jackson’s got it. 

The scenery’s insane, and there’s tons of wildlife too. No surprise it’s a fave among nature fans and thrill-seekers. Ready to plan your trip? Get set for the ultimate adventure and make some lifetime memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there activities suitable for beginners in Jackson Hole?

Yes, Jackson Hole offers a range of activities for all skill levels, including beginner-friendly skiing, fly fishing, and guided tours.

Can I visit Jackson Hole with my family?

Absolutely! Jackson Hole has numerous family-friendly activities such as scenic float trips, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and wildlife viewing tours.

What safety measures should I take when exploring Jackson Hole?

Always check weather conditions, follow trail signs, carry necessary gear, and consider hiring guides for activities like climbing and rafting.

How can I maximize my wildlife viewing opportunities in Jackson Hole?

Visit locations like the National Elk Refuge, Grand Teton National Park, and Moose-Wilson Road, especially during the early morning or late afternoon when animals are most active.

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