The Chainsmokers – All We Know (Sevim Remix)

Blending trap music with saccharine melodies and bubbly vocal chops, the Sevim remix improves on The Chainsmokers’ “All We Know.”
The Chainsmokers formula, at this point, has much of their new work sounding almost too similar to the track released previously. Not that it’s bad: it works, it sounds great, and it makes young ravers turn up. However, there needs to be a shake up. That’s where Sevim comes in.
Appearing amongst a plethora of other remixes for “All We Know,” the Sevim take is laser focused on what it wants to be. It’s peak hour, upbeat trap that doesn’t pretend to be anything other.
Masterfully executed, the Sevim remix leaves the summery guitar intact in the opening moments to help warm the feels in your gut. Then comes the drop: future leaning, pop heavy choruses flood into the picture sending the composition into the stratosphere like a hot air balloon. This evaporates allowing the vocals, accompanied by Phoebe Ryan, to give the track levity before turning back into a proper dose of rising tension. The second drop then reverberates into your soul with more impact than the first, flowing with positive juju and cries for exultation until it simmers down so your heart can catch up with the swirling tide of the soundscape.
This remix is dope.


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