Six Signs You’re A Person Who Takes Wellness Seriously

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Many people pay lip service to wellness, but only a small fraction of individuals take the practice seriously. And that’s a shame – focusing on lifestyle and medical factors can improve your health significantly and set you up for a long and happy life. 

In this post, we look at some of the signs you’re a person who takes wellness seriously. Are you a member of this minority of people? 

You Make Healthy Choices 80% Of The Time

When it comes to health, you don’t have to be Puritanical. But you do have to get it right most of the time for it to work.

Most experts recommend an 80-20 split. Eighty percent of the time, you’re eating well, and then twenty percent, you’re treating yourself, usually at the weekend. 

The same goes for exercise. 80% of the year, you’re in the gym, hitting the weights and the treadmill like you know you should. Then, 20% of the time, you’re taking a break or enjoying a nice relaxing vacation. 

You Fill Your Life With Positive People

Another sign you take wellness seriously is that you fill your life with positive people. You’re not interested in gossip or drama. 

As humans, we tend to underestimate the impact of the people around us on our lives. We need individuals who make us feel good about ourselves. We shouldn’t feel bad or constantly under pressure. 

You Take Care Of Your Mind

You might also be in the top tier of wellness lifestyle adherents if you prioritize taking care of your mind. Instead of allowing life to bash you up, you find active ways to deal with anxiety and stress. 

Managing these feelings is challenging in today’s society because of the sheer pressure of the marketplace and social media. These systems are getting to the point where they are out of control and harming our collective well-being. Therefore, finding practices that mitigate their effects is essential. 

You Look After Your Teeth

Another sign you’re a person who’s interested in wellness is your dedication to looking after your teeth. You know that a healthy smile is the key to a healthy body. 

Wellness-promoting practices include brushing, flossing, and getting dental implants to replace lost teeth. Visiting the dentist regularly can also help catch nasty problems like gum disease and oral cancer early before they have a chance to take hold or spread further. 

You Eat Well

Perhaps the ultimate sign you take wellness seriously is eating well – something only a tiny fraction of people do. 

Eating well involves putting more whole food items on your plate and ignoring media propaganda suggesting processed foods are neutral or part of a “balanced diet.” It also means taking time to prepare food so you know what’s going into it. Packaged products often contain ultra-processed elements that don’t support well-being. 

You Reduce Stress In Your Life

Finally, you’re a person who takes wellness seriously if you manage the stress in your life. While things might be tough, you have a way of always looking on the bright side and not letting anything get to you. 


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