Review – Mitchell Coleman Jr feat Ralph Tresvant “I Can’t Help It” – This is Smooth Jazz at its finest !

Mitchell Coleman, Jr. feat. Ralph Tresvant “I Can’t Help It” | Number 5 Most added at Billboard this week"


Every once in a while a fresh composition comes along that incorporates musical embellishment which is introduced in such a subtle cool way that the embellishments are welcomed with peaceful abundance.


On “I Can’t Help It”  these additions add augmentation yet at the very same time these welcomed accents do not interrupt the melodic flow of the writer’s and arranger’s original interpretation.  This is smooth jazz at its finest.Mitchell Coleman Jr is at his best on “I Can’t Help It” as his hands move across the strings of his bass ever so delicately at times and at other times the master thumps with strong authority.  The piece was written and arranged to deliver Mr. Coleman’s well regarded up tempo groove which at various times throughout the piece are accompanied by the soft muted sounds of the coronet.  “I Can’t Help It” is a peaceful relaxing moment in time.  Its smoothness serves to enhance the perfection it embraces which in turn readies the listener for the marvelous tenor tone of Mr. Ralph Tresvant.

On “I Can’t Help It” Mr. Tresvant owns the lyrist’s words as his parsing and phrasing are spot on.  Bravo Mr. Tresvant!

The notable master enhances an already marvelous melody and when mixed together “I Can’t Help It” shines with the brilliance of a multi-faceted exotic diamond.  Mr. Tresvant’s vocal acumen, which remains his signature calling card over time, fits within this tune perfectly.   From inception to completion it is obvious that all involved were set on creating a work of fine art – with “I Can’t Help It” they have accomplished this goal par excellence!  Take a moment to relax, kick back for a few, and take in this new release. You won’t regret it.

Review by John in Houston

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