Pump it up Magazine – Vol.7 – Issue #6 – Saxophonist Kenny Nightingale



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Greetings Readers,

It’s warming up everywhere and the scent of summer is in the air! The world is changing right before our very eyes. A new normal is upon us . We just hear of the challenges we are facing on a daily basis. We pray for the families of those lost in the senseless mass shootings around the US and the world. Let us be vigilant and careful and watch our for each other in this day and time.

Summer is coming and we love to have that beach body but we must not get forget to take care of our mind! National PTSD Awareness Day is celebrated annually on June 27, It aims to raise awareness of post traumatic stress disorder.

On the cover we have saxophonist Kenny Nigthingale who has played saxophone since he was 8 years old! He is currently riding high on the smooth jazz charts around the nation and continues to inspire the jazz purist with his sultry and gospel tinged songs. May God bless you! Anissa Sutton

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