Magazine Cover DELUXE Includes – Photo Shoot – Back Cover, 6 inside pages


Magazine Cover DELUXE

    • Magazine Cover Feature: Your face and story will be on the front cover of Pump It Up Magazine, grabbing everyone’s attention.
    • Back Cover Highlight: Your advertisement will be on the back cover of the magazine.
    • Six-Page Showcase: Tell your story in-depth with six pages dedicated to you, your mission, and your message.
    • Stunning Photoshoot: Get a professional photoshoot to capture your essence and use beautiful images for your marketing.
    • Exclusive Interview & Feature: We’ll interview you, design an ad and write a special article about your band, brand, or business. It’ll be in both print and digital versions of Pump It Up Magazine (6 pages).
    • Image Enhancement: Three of your photos will look even better with professional touch-ups.
    • Press Release & Promotion: We’ll write a compelling announcement about your magazine feature and share it with media outlets and our subscribers. Read Here
    • Social Media Support: Our graphic designers will create engaging images and captions to share your story on social media, getting your message out there.
    • Custom Poster or Flyer: You’ll receive a special poster or flyer in PDF and JPG formats to promote your new release, business, or brand.
    • Website Banner Ad (1 month): Your ad will be on the front page of and in the news section for a month.
    • YouTube Promo Video: We’ll make an exciting video about you and share it on our social media. Watch Here
    • Radio Advertisement: Your commercial  will be professionally produced and played on Pump It Up Magazine Radio everyday between 6pm and 10 pm pst. Listen Here
    • Spotify Playlist Inclusion: Your songs will be added to our Spotify playlist with 13k followers.
    • Printed Magazine Copy: You’ll get one printed magazine delivered to your home.


  • Plus, Exclusive GPN Women Entrepreneurs Partnership Perks:
    • Interview Podcast: Houda Chami from Girl Power Network (GPN) will host an interview podcast exclusively for women to promote your band, brand, or business.
    • Spotify Spotlight: Your interview will be shared on Spotify, reaching a broader audience.
    • YouTube Showcase: Houda will create and share a YouTube video featuring your brand or business, shared across all GPN platforms.
    • Vast Network Promotion: Your content will be shared across GPN’s vast network of women entrepreneurs, giving you even greater exposure among women.

This package will boost your brand, inspire change, and leave a lasting impression ! 🌟

This package will be perfect for women business entrepreneurs because it helps you get noticed by a wider audience. Pump It Up Magazine has a reputation for making people and their brands look their best. With their professional advertising skills, they can help you stand out and align your brand with success. Being featured in the magazine and on social media means more people will learn about your brand. The interviews and articles will tell your story and mission, making customers connect with you. It’s like a big spotlight on your business, helping you grow and succeed. Plus, with the exclusive GPN (Girl Power Network) partnership, your reach extends to an even larger and more niche audience, ensuring your message reaches the right people.

*Photoshoot Costs: The Professional Photoshoot takes place in Los Angeles. Traveling expenses and any other associated costs for attending the photoshoot are not included in the package price and will be the responsibility of the participant. Please note that Pump It Up Magazine selects the location for the photo shoot.


Why Choose Pump It Up Magazine:

Your story deserves to be told, your voice deserves to be heard, and your impact deserves to be felt.

Pump it up Magazine Cover DELUXE package isn’t just an investment in your brand, band or business; it’s an investment in a movement. By stepping into the Pump It Up Magazine Entrepreneurial Spotlight, you’re igniting a ripple effect that transcends borders and empowers entrepreneurs everywhere. Your journey becomes a source of inspiration, your insights become a beacon of guidance, and your impact becomes a testament to the power of collaboration.

Our print and digital editions are distributed to more than 100 plus stores around the world, including prominent retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, La Fnac, Glose, Magcloud, Walmart, and many others. Your story will be accessible to a diverse global audience seeking inspiration, empowerment, and entrepreneurial insights.

Campaign Duration:
This package offers a month-long campaign that includes a dynamic combination of promotions, features, and engagement activities. Your story will take center stage for an entire month, reaching our audience of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and change-makers.

Demographics: Our audience consists of aspiring and established entrepreneurs, professionals, and change-makers from diverse industries. They are primarily aged between 25 and 55, with a strong interest in personal and professional growth, empowerment, and community engagement. Our readers and viewers span various demographics, including gender, ethnicity, and geographic locations.

Join us in redefining what’s possible, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of entrepreneurs.

Limited spaces available. Secure your spot today and embark on a journey that amplifies your influence while championing a cause that matters.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment: A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation of the package. The remaining 50% must be paid before the commencement of the agreed services.
  • Photoshoot Costs: The Professional Photoshoot takes place in Los Angeles. Traveling expenses and any other associated costs for attending the photoshoot are not included in the package price and will be the responsibility of the participant. Please note that Pump It Up Magazine selects the location for the photo shoot.
  • Content Usage: The created content and visuals may be used for promotional purposes by Pump It Up Magazine and the participant with appropriate credits.
  • Limited Availability: The Entrepreneurial Spotlight Package has limited availability and is subject to approval by Pump It Up Magazine.
  • Changes and Cancellations: Any changes or cancellations must be communicated in writing. Changes to package components may incur additional costs.

By proceeding with the payment for the package, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined above.