Musicians: How Can I Upload My Biography To Spotify?

So you’ve gotten your music on to Spotify, you’re getting played but what you really want is for people to know who you are and what your album is all about. So how do you do that? One way is through AllMusic.



Who is AllMusic?

AllMusic is powered by Rovi which is a catalogue of art, reviews and in-depth information (like biographoes and art work) on artists, albums, singles and EPs created and curated by the Rovi editing staff.

It’s completely free to submit your music to Rovi, but they do have an editorial policy that all content must be written by Rovi staff. However, they do encourage creators to send in biographies as this can help their writers with collecting information.

What Happens When You Submit Your Music to Rovi?

Your CD or digital files will be subject to a data entry and scanning process, where Rovi will extract all the information they need, from cover art to credits and track listings and this will be entered into their online database. Rovi’s editors may assign descriptors, to describe mood, genre etc. to help further identify your music.

How long will it take to see my music online?

Once Rovi have received your music it will take about 4-6 weeks for it to appear on the

There is no guarantee that once you upload to Rovi that your music will instantly have a biography on Spotify, they try to review and synopsize as many artists as possible. Due to the huge number of submissions they receive they can’t promise to dedicate the same amount of coverage to all artists.

Resource constraints mean that they will prioritize coverage based on a number of factors such as; current popularity, historical or artistic importance and the needs of their data licenses.

Submit your Music to Rovi by email:

So there you have it, submit your music free to Rovi to be part of a huge online database and get your biography onto Spotify.

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