Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America, Around the World

EXO, “Monster” MV

After earning their first No. 1 on World Digital Songs, EXO have another accomplishment to celebrate for their latest album Ex’act.

The LP’s two lead singles, “Monster” and “Lucky One” end up as the first and second top-viewed K-pop videos on YouTube for June 2016. According to the platform, the two singles were both the most-viewed K-pop clips in both America and around the world. As of press time, “Monster” has earned more than 36 million views while “Lucky One” boasts more than 16 million.

The ranking of 10 most-viewed K-pop videos for June are very similar in America and around the world as Sistar‘s sultry “I Like That” visual plus Taeyeon and Dean’s cute “Starlight” video end up at Nos. 3 and 4 across the board. There’s only slight shifting of positions as releases from Beast, Heize, Tiffany, Gray, plus San Eand Raina all chart within the Top 10 both stateside and globally. Notably, this month sees half the entries coming from Korean record label SM Entertainment with EXO, Taeyeon, and Tiffany all under the company.

With data provided by YouTube, check out June 2016’s K-pop music video charts below with a playlist that you can click through to watch each video. It’s here


1. EXO, “Monster”
2. EXO, “Lucky One”
3. Sistar, “I Like That”
4. Taeyeon, “Starlight (feat. Dean)
5. Tiffany, “Heartbreak Hotel (feat. Simon Dominic)
6. Taeyeon, “Why”
7. Heize, “Shut Up & Groove” (feat. Dean)
8. San E & Raina, “Sugar and Me”
9. Beast, “Butterfly”
10. Gray, “Good” (feat. ELO)


Most Viewed K-Pop Videos Around the World 

1. EXO, “Monster”
2. EXO, “Lucky One”
3. Sistar, “I Like That”
4. Taeyeon, “Starlight (feat. Dean)
5. Taeyeon, “Why”
6. Tiffany, “Heartbreak Hotel (feat. Simon Dominic)
7. Heize, “Shut Up & Groove” (feat. Dean)
8. Beast, “Butterfly”
9. San E & Raina, “Sugar and Me”
10. Gray, “Good” (feat. ELO)

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