Groove Alert: ‘People Gotta Move’ by Keith Eatmon Will Get You Dancing!

Hey music lovers! As the owner of Pump It Up Magazine, I get the awesome job of diving into new tracks and sharing my thoughts with you. Today, I am so excited to talk about a track that’s got me dancing in my seat—”People Gotta Move” by Keith Eatmon.

Keith Eatmon’s “People Gotta Move” is now spinning on KPIU RADIO during the Get Your Groove On segment, featuring the hottest indie artists, every day from 6 PM to 7 PM (PST).

Musicality and Production:

First things first, the beat on this track is pure fire! From the moment it starts, you’re hooked. The rhythm is so infectious, you can’t help but move. The production is crystal clear, every element perfectly balanced, giving it a professional and polished feel. It’s got that stereo mix that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the music.

Keith Eatmon

Vocal Performance:

Let’s talk vocals. Wow! Keith Eatmon, the self-titled “Variety Vocalist” from Buffalo, NY, delivers a powerful and soulful performance that brings the song’s message to life. You can really feel the emotion and energy. Keith’s journey from open mic nights to performing for military troops around the world truly shines through in his raw and captivating voice. The backing vocals add a beautiful harmony that complements the lead perfectly. It’s like they’re wrapping you in a warm, musical hug.


The instruments? Simply fantastic. The blend of electronic and acoustic elements creates this amazing soundscape that’s both modern and timeless. The bass line is groovy and drives the track forward. The saxophone, with its smooth and sultry sound, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Plus, the synths and effects add just the right amount of texture and interest.

Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics are super uplifting and inspirational. It’s all about movement and progress—such a great message, especially these days. It encourages you to keep pushing forward no matter what. The sincerity and passion in the lyrics really hit home.

People Gotta Move
People come on and do it right
Shake your behinds like dynamite
Chuck alll your worries and toss your thighs
To be tame is a pain when you realize
You gotta move…
People gotta move…
Shake all your brains and pump your heart
Show all the world what you are
You come on for right, you come on for wrong, you come on for zeal
’cause the tones of your bones makes you feel
You gotta groove…
People gotta move.

Overall Impression:

“People Gotta Move” grabs your attention from the first note and doesn’t let go. It’s beautifully crafted and showcases Keith Eatmon’s talent and vision. Whether you need a pick-me-up or just something to groove to, this track delivers.

If you’re wondering what this track might remind you of, think of the smooth jazz vibe of George Benson, the soulful groove of Al Jarreau, and the rhythmic flow of Grover Washington Jr.. “People Gotta Move” fits right in with these classics, bringing a fresh yet familiar sound that’s sure to get you moving.

Rating: 4.5/5


And here’s some exciting news: Keith Eatmon’s “People Gotta Move” is now spinning on KPIU RADIO during the Get Your Groove On segment, featuring the hottest indie artists, every day from 6 PM to 7 PM (PST). Available for streaming until 7/17.

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You can follow Keith Eatmon on Facebook at Keith Eatmon and on Instagram at @KeithEatmon_atlvox for more updates and music.

So, go ahead and give “People Gotta Move” by Keith Eatmon a listen. Trust me, you’ll be dancing along in no time!

I hope you enjoy the track as much as I did. Keep the music pumping! 🎶💃🕺

Written by Anissa Sutton

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