Drivetime Band’s Bernie Capodici Reveals Inspiration Behind “Getin Witit” and Collaboration with Bob Baldwin


Los Angeles – California – Drivetime Band’s Bernie Capodici Reveals Inspiration Behind “Getin Witit” and Collaboration with Bob Baldwin

Drivetime band leader Bernie Capodici recently shared the story behind the inspiration and collaboration for their hit song “Getin Witit”. The song, which marked their first entry into the world of smooth jazz, was co-written by Capodici and Jeff Bichaylo.

Capodici shared that the inspiration for “Getin Witit” came after a trip to Tours, France, where they had just finished a European tour with Dexter Wansel, a notable keyboard player and producer from Philly International. Capodici had a melody in his head that needed to see the light of day, and with the help of Bichaylo’s skills as a great keyboard player, they were able to develop a chord progression for the tune.

“When I was in France, it was right around the Christmas holidays. There were street vendors along Av. De Grammont, everything was lit up and beautiful, and it was festive and charming. Eating crepes and drinking mulled wine. This is where I started thinking about getting into smooth jazz,” Capodici said.

Capodici also revealed that the collaboration with smooth jazz artist Bob Baldwin came about through a chance meeting.



“At the time, I was Bob Baldwin’s MIDI tech. I brought the tune with me, and a day before it was finished, I asked Bob if he would like to add his talent to the composition. He said yes, so both me and Jeff took a trip to Yonkers, NY, to the studio Bob was working at, and he laid down his parts.”

Capodici described “Getin Witit” as having a hopeful, energetic, and fun vibe.

“I can only describe what it was like for me personally: sheer excitement! Not only had I written a solid melody for the first time, but also felt it reflected the progress I had made in my understanding of composition and some tricks I had learned along the way,” he said.

The song was arranged for the smooth jazz format under the guidance of Bob Baldwin, who played his parts masterfully. Capodici’s band members then added their live parts in a studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

“Praying it would get us recognized as not only players but as rising composers in the smooth jazz world,” Capodici said about his goals for the song.

“GETIN’ WITIT” ” is a testament to the creativity and talent of Drivetime and the legendary Bob Baldwin. The track will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal on May 5th.

Jazz cd cover
Available May 5th


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Bob Baldwin.

Bob Baldwin

Bob Baldwin was an obvious choice for the collaboration. At the time, Bernie C. was Baldwin’s MIDI tech and he brought the tune with him to the studio. The day before it was finished, Bernie C. asked Bob if he would like to add his talent to the composition. Bob was impressed with the track and agreed to participate, so both Bernie C. and Jeff traveled to Yonkers, NY, to the studio where Bob was working at the time. Baldwin laid down his parts, and the result is a smooth, groovy track that will surely delight fans of jazz fusion and organic jazz.


Written by Anissa Sutton

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