Calectro | Interview

What were some of your first introductions to dance and electronic music?

The 90s dancefloor sound with dj bobo, la bouche, dr. alban and the other ones in this generation have affected me a lot. Then there was a period where i was listening to trance music. Big artists who inspired me where Blank & Jones, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Sash. I also got in touch with Drum&Bass but i never produced tracks of this genre.

How old were you when you began producing?

Uff…let me see….i think i was 18 when i began to arrange some songs in a simple midi sequencer with standard general midi sound, nothing you can play in club with 🙂 i study techniques and software how to produce like the big ones, then i came to Cubase, a strong DAW/Music Workstation i got in my hands! Then it began with bootlegs, remix contests and own songs. Loading my songs on websites to get the first opinions and tips from other musicians helped me a lot!

What drove you to embark on a career in music?

Money, Money,….no i’m joking :p I just want that the people know my music and dance to it 🙂

Tell us how the advancement of YouTube and Soundcloud has affected your growth as a producer?

Finally something that someone can share his music to the world! You can do a video and become famous on a simple way!



What do you consider to be some advantages that young producers have in 2016 that may not have been available to you when you got started?

You can get in contact with the whole world through the web. You can learn yourself how to produce and arrange music and get the best sound, the web is full of tutorials!

What are ou going to prepare for us, what’s the news?

There is a special feature on an album of a great funk and rock singer, whre i made a dance version of one of his songs. I hope he stay by his promise and let me be on his album. I want do do also a short dj mix of all best dance tracks from now and the past. I already did two special mixes for artists like the french artist Anya Rose and MC Duro. Perhaps there is someone who wants his tracks to be mixed by me too 🙂


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