Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton – Founder & Editor in Chief of Pump it up Magazine

Hey there! I’m Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton,  French-born singer and performer (Aneessa), -Founder of Pump It Up Magazine and Women Songwriters Hall of Fame  Advisory Board Member, Digital Media, Marketing and Consulting –

I’m here to tell you all about the platform that I created to empower those with a dream in entertainment, lifestyle, and humanitarian fields. And let me tell you, my goal is to pump up the lives of our readers! 🙂

My team and I provide awesome tips on new music, wellness, fitness, beauty, fashion, travel, and other aspects of life that can enhance your experiences and help you discover new places and things. My mission is to help people elevate their aspirations by providing them with valuable resources, advice, and support to navigate their field and achieve success.

With my extensive experience and passion for helping others take control of their careers and make informed decisions, I’m a leader in the entertainment and lifestyle industry. I’ve created a supportive community for independent artists, offering valuable tips and resources to help them navigate the industry and succeed. My monthly magazine and website reaches over 20,000 subscribers, and my 24-hour digital radio station, KPIU RADIO, features a diverse range of genres.

But that’s not all! My partnership with my husband Michael B. Sutton, a former Motown producer, songwriter, CEO of The Sound of L.A. Records, and music consultant has only reinforced my mission to provide a comprehensive and inclusive platform for independent artists. Together, we work tirelessly to support and empower those in the entertainment and lifestyle industry.

So, if you want to stay informed and receive the support you need to take your music or brand to the next level, come join us at Pump It Up. With my leadership and Michael B. Sutton’s expertise, you’ll have everything you need to achieve success in the industry and also access tips to enhance your life and make the most of it.

Don’t wait, come and join us at Pump It Up and get ready to be excited about all the new things you will learn and discover! With us you will never get bored, there will always be something to read, to learn, and to be excited about.

Let’s pump up your life together!

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