Travel Tips: Unique Road Trip Ideas That Gen Z Should Try This Summer

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Generation Z, or those born between 1997 and 2012, are planning to take two or three leisure trips this year. According to a new survey, Gen Z adults want to have enjoyable yet meaningful experiences on their trips, with 70% looking forward to sightseeing, while 59% want to try new food. Meanwhile, 58% want to explore nature, and 37% are hoping to meet new people. These travel goals can be achieved if you hop on a plane that’s headed to an international destination. However,  going on a road trip across the USA is a good way to tick all these boxes too.

Road trips enable you to see amazing scenery, taste local cuisines and delicacies and get closer to nature. You also get a chance to talk to people as you make your way from town to town. Instead of a conventional cross-country route though, why not plan a road trip around a certain theme? It’s a good way to know more about the things that you’re truly interested in, and you’re bound to have a great time throughout your trip. Here are some unique road trip ideas that Gen Z should try this summer.

Foodie Road Trip

Preparing to go on a road trip is not so different from going on a holiday abroad since both need careful research and planning. The main difference is instead of booking flights and hotels, you need to make sure that your vehicle is in great shape and that you’re ready for anything that may happen. Keep in mind that while you may be a skilled and careful driver, others may not be as considerate or in the right frame of mind while they’re on the road. If another car crashes into your vehicle and you sustain a serious injury because of it, you’ll need to call car accident attorneys right away. These professionals can help victims secure maximum financial compensation for damages(be it big or small).

Once you’re done preparing, it’s time to choose your road trip theme, and one of the most fun ones is definitely a foodie road trip. First, you need to decide on what type of food you’d like to try, then follow a route that would take you to the best places that serve this food. For instance, if you love barbeque, then you need to go on the historic North Carolina Barbeque Trail. This driving trail features 15 stops where you can taste barbecued pork, chicken, and pork sandwiches, among others. Meanwhile, those who love cheese will surely be amazed by the Great Wisconsin Cheese Trail. It goes for around 200 miles in a loop, and along the trail there are 14 locations where you can sample and purchase cheese. If you’re a fan of sea food, the Maryland Crab and Oyster Trail is your best bet. Imagine feasting on steamed crabs and fresh oysters as you make your way across five regions of the state. Your taste buds will surely thank you for the trip.

American Movie Road Trip

There are lots of road trip movies that can inspire your next adventure, so why not follow a route from a certain film? For instance, if you’re a fan of Thelma & Louise, drive from  Arkansas to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, then continue your journey by going on Route 66. Meanwhile, those who love the Britney Spears starrer Crossroads will enjoy a road trip from Louisiana to Los Angeles. To recreate the film, make sure to stop at a Waffle House along the way, then have a karaoke night in New Orleans.

Art Road Trip

Those who like art will surely love an art road trip that starts in New York City and stretches all the way to Chicago. In NYC, make sure to stop by The Metropolitan Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and the American Museum of Natural History before going to galleries like the Gagosian Gallery, Calvin Morris Gallery, and the Gladstone Gallery. Start making your way west and make a stop at Philadelphia to check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum. Once you’re in Chicago, head to The Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum.

Going on a road trip is an excellent way to learn more about the things that you’re passionate about. If you’re a young traveler (or an older one), consider these road trip ideas to have amazing experiences that you’ll remember for years to come.



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