Tips for Planning the Perfect Workout Routine

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A lot of elements go into planning the perfect workout routine. While this article won’t give you a laid-out plan, it will help you with structuring and teach you how to be more successful in your workouts. Strap on your gym shoes, and let’s get to work finding the best exercise routine for you!

What Equipment Is Available to You?

Do you currently have any workout equipment in your home, or do you use a gym? Understanding what tools are available to you will help you better structure and plan your workouts. If you’re just beginning your fitness journey and don’t have any equipment, don’t worry; you can start with bodyweight exercises first. Eventually, you might consider a gym membership or purchasing your own equipment, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, weight machines, etc.

Pro-tip: Jump rope training is very beneficial and could be a great first purchase.

Place the Most Important Exercises First

Never save the most challenging part of your workout routine for last. You shouldn’t do this because, by that point in your workout, you’re fatigued with little energy left and could compromise your technique on extremely difficult exercises. Deadlifts, squats, and activities that use many muscle groups can benefit you more when you do them first in a workout since your muscles are fresh and strong.

Balance a Proportionate Routine

As a beginner, you’ll also need to become more familiar with how to balance a workout. When planning the perfect workout routine, another tip is to ensure you’re balancing what muscle groups you’re exercising. You never want to neglect any muscles. So if you fit in an arm workout during the week, balance it out with a leg workout. This also includes the types of activities; don’t leave out cardio, even if your focus is building strength through weights.

Add Variety and Alter Reps

If you stick to the same old routine day after day, you’ll eventually plateau your progress. This is because you’re no longer pushing your muscles and body past their limits. Essentially, you’re staying in the comfortable stage. To keep your body adapting, strengthening, and improving, you must add variety to your workouts and alter your routines. A great way to do this is to increase the number of reps you perform every few weeks to increase strength and gain muscle mass.

It can be confusing at first to plan a workout routine. But the more consistent and motivated you are, the better you’ll become at finding suitable exercises for your fitness level. Take your time and go slow, and you’ll eventually hit your goals—we promise! What will you add to your workout routine for more successful results?

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