Get hyped with these eight tracks by Sasha

Check  out these eight tunes by Sasha.

Sasha – Trigonometry

This one has been making its rounds in the Sasha’s sets for a while and rightfully so. Fans have been anxiously waiting for its release. It finally got its release last month on the DJ’s GameOvr EP and it is everything we have wanted and more. It’s dreamy and dramatic and it’s amazing to hear live.

Sasha – GameOvr

The title track to Sasha’s newly released EP, GameOvr shows a different side to Sasha than what we see from Trigonometry. It rolls and rolls, getting into a groove that is hard to get out of once you realize you are in it. It is a sneaky middle of the set builder, so do not be surprised if all of a sudden you find yourself locked in its rhythm.

Sasha – Xpander

A Sasha classic that is nearly two decades old now, Xpander was and still is a progressive bomb. The track constantly builds and evolves to the next level, increasing in intensity with each passing second. Even with age this tune certainly doesn’t get old.

Sasha – Track 10

Track 10 has been a fan favorite for over a year now. The only problem is that no one knows where to find the release. You can find cuts of it online but we’d prefer you to hear a high quality sample to taste it for yourself. Will this track ever see the light of day? Who knows, but until then, your best bet of hearing it is to go see the Welsh DJ yourself.

Sasha feat. Poliça – Out Of Time

Earlier this year Sasha teamed up with American synthpop vocalist Poliça and created this emotional masterpiece of a track. Airy and atmospheric, it’s perfect for creating those magical spacey breaks in the middle of intense sets. Imagine listening to this under the descending panels at Resistance, lasers bouncing everywhere… yeah we’d rather experience the real thing too.

Sasha – Who Killed Sparky?

Another Sasha classic, this decade-old track is a journey to say the least, but then again so are most of his tunes. It’s another progressive heater that builds but distorts when you are not expecting it. It will have your brain both captivated and a little discombobulated at times but that is what makes it great.

Sasha – Coma

Coma is a creeping track that just seems to sneak up on you in your sleep. It’s faint and subtle in the beginning but slowly escalates until it is just seeping with energy. Its effect will be the same on you.

Hot Chip – Flutes (Sasha Remix)

What happens when Sasha’s emotional side and groovy side collide? The answer can be found in his remix of Hot Chip’s Flutes. This remix is both sultry and seductive, yet trippy at the same time. In that way it’s hard not to get hypnotised into its cadence. The music video does not help either: just check out those mind-bending visuals.


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