Press Release Package – Your story, our expertise!

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Stand Out with Our Press Release Package!

Don’t let your message fade into the background. At Pump It Up Magazine, we specialize in crafting compelling press releases that demand attention. With our Press Release Package, we’ve streamlined the process for you:

  1. Effortless Start: We kick things off by sending you a simple written interview form. Once we receive your responses, we spring into action.
  2. Swift Turnaround: Within just 24 hours, we’ll transform your insights into a professionally crafted press release.

But we don’t stop there. We understand the value of making your message heard:

  • Online for Life: Your press release will be posted online, ensuring it remains accessible to your audience indefinitely.
  • Print – one page
  • Social Media Boost: We’ll take your story to the next level by promoting it across our social media channels, extending your reach far and wide.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shine. Let us be the driving force behind your success. Contact us today at to discover how we can help you achieve your goals and make your message resonate like never before.

Don’t let your message get lost in the noise. Stand out with Pump It Up Magazine’s Press Release Package!



Are you struggling to get your brand or business the attention it deserves? Do you have a newsworthy event, product launch, or milestone that you want the world to know about? Look no further than our comprehensive press release writing service!

We offer a complete package that includes not only professional press release writing but also lifetime online posting and promotion on social media. With our team of expert writers, your story will be crafted into a compelling press release that grabs attention and sparks interest.

But we don’t stop there. We understand that getting your press release seen by the right audience is just as important as writing it. That’s why we’ll post it online and make sure it stays there for life, giving you maximum exposure and visibility.

And to take it a step further, we’ll promote your press release on social media to ensure that it reaches as many people as possible. With our expertise and knowledge of social media marketing, we’ll make sure your story is shared far and wide, generating buzz and driving traffic to your website or business.

So why wait? Let us help you tell your story and get the attention your brand or business



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