Linc Hand: Balancing acting and fitness success with Linc Hand! Pump it up Magazine – Vol.9 issue 1


Discover Actor Linc Hand – NCIS Hawaii  , balancing acting and fitness life. Explore L.A.’s best spots, fashion, fitness, beauty, wellness, and more in this captivating January 2024 issue of Pump It Up Magazine.


Dear Readers!
I’m beyond thrilled to welcome you to the newest edition of our magazine – a concoction of passion, dedication, and a dash of unyielding pursuit for awesomeness!
In this issue, we’ve cooked up a delightful blend of articles aimed at nurturing personal growth and wellness. From the wisdom of Linc Hand on juggling acting ( with #HarrisonFord “42” movie and lately #NCISHawaii ) and fitness triumphs to playlists that’ll kick your workout into high gear, we’re here to fuel your journey to a healthier, happier you.
And with the dawn of a new year, we’re all about transformation in our “New Year, New You!” segment, complete with tips and heartfelt advice on breaking free from anything toxic.
Wellness is our jam, so we’ve dedicated sections to guide you through self-care rituals, soul-soothing reads, dreamy vacations, and the magic of movies.
In this edition, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by shedding light on ways to support and uplift Black communities.
We hope these pages spark inspiration, prompt a bit of self-reflection, and provide a haven in the midst of life’s whirlwind. Your journey to a better self starts right here, within these pages.
Thanks a million for letting us be part of your journey. Together, let’s dive into growth, celebrate diversity, and champion resilience.
Happy New Year 💖
Your Friendly Editor-in-Chief,
Anissa Sutton
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