Jannie Dee takes us back to her roots of the old school R&B Sound !

Jannie Dee Drops the Official Video for “I’m Ready” featuring FRANCOIS

From beginning to end, Australian singer-songwriter Jannie Dee packs her latest R&B and Pop blended single, “I’m Ready” featuring FRANCOIS, with sophistication, sex appeal and soul. When it comes to one of the voices in the Down Under underground R&B music that is a force to be reckoned with, Dee is undoubtedly on that list as her new release is further proof of just that. The track which is from Jannie Dee latest EP of the same name is certainly a song that you will want on your bedroom playlist.

With a new recording under her belt, Jannie Dee is quite feeling herself because she rightfully titled the track, “I’m Ready” and indeed she is. The album opens with the thought that Jannie wants the world to know that her lover has delivered the goods and has satisfied her in every way imaginable, and that she is ready to do the same – “We both know where we’re gonna be tonight, because I’m ready, you’re ready, we’re ready, come on…”

Jannie Dee takes us back to her roots of the old school R&B sound which she mixes with a synth infested urban pop twist. Speaking to the cyclic nature of love and lust, the arrangements on much of the record cleverly suggest retro flavors while using modern production and sound.

It possesses a swelling synth string section held up by a popping electric bass, and the percussion track and lead vocal style are just contemporary enough to dodge a total retro feel.

When rapper FRANCOIS, jumps onto the track with some smooth bars, he gives the song a strong edgy urban taste. The song’s hook catches you, through both repetition and beauty, as well as melodic invention, and by the time the rap starts you’re right in the groove. The market needs more soul music that pulsates with real feeling.

“I’m Ready” featuring FRANCOIS provides a lasting treat for Jannie Dee fans and reinforces her rep as one of Down Under’s essential independent R&B performers. That enviable sexy atmosphere, galvanizing grasp of melody and engaging approach to the genre all add up to one truth: Jannie Dee, who was born in the Philippines and migrated to Australia in 1992, is becoming notorious in her own right, and yes, she’s ready indeed!


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