Alan Laird “How amazing it is …when I pause and reflect….upon the mumblings of my mind…”

Mental Health Awareness

How amazing it is …when I pause and reflect….upon the mumblings of my mind…sometimes only a whisper….and sometimes amplified to an irritating roar…which causes my confusion….that which was so clear and normal …becomes distorted….causing me to stray away from my path…

I enter a place where the light is dim….an ill chill of abandonment rushes in….as the mumblings of my mind becomes more prevalent….

the sensation of being lost and abandoned….the sound of my mind mumblings become more distinct and precise….convincing me of the realities of the many images being thrust upon me….

The stomping boots of FEAR become louder and louder….as FEAR draws closer….intensifying my emotional response to the contorted vision of FEAR…Suddenly ….like a divine beacon….my darkness is illuminated…easing my anxiety and allowing me to pause and reflect….

I become elated with a renewed sense of empowerment….I feel the presence of a POWER and LOVE …as my FEAR dissipates ….I once again feel connected to my soul and spirit….all those fearful things created from old memories begin to lose it’s grasp upon me….I

slowly breathe in HOW new air….pretending that each breath is a spoonful of necessary medicine….over and over I take deep breaths…and slowly let it leave carrying away all things which threaten me ….

MIND MUMBLINGS ….are now incorporated in my self defense medicine bag…for my awareness of MIND MUMBLINGS are now one of my various thermometers used to indicate my MIND MUMBLING thresholds…

When I notice their presence…I can grab for my SELF DEFENSE MEDICAL BAG ….which also contain implements and medicine which I feel has been divinely design to nurture and care for me.

How amazing it is ….when I pause and reflect upon the new discoveries which will come to me….to help me be …a better me….blessings and love ….

Temporary Activated Dust ….Alan Laird 2022

Alan Laird has been a professional artist and historical scholar over the past twenty plus years, creating art and researching  and collecting African American History. In 1996 I opened Expressions Art Gallery and Outreach Ministries, serving Oakland California and Bay Area. 

During the 1996 – 2005 time period, we implemented a conduit to feature men, women, and youth incarcerated in various institutions, giving voices unto those confined. We also provided services to the homeless shelters with children art programs , along with outreach unto our Senior communities.

In 2005 I offered my services to  U.S. Americorps Vista outreach services for the city of Miami Florida, serving Prison Re Entry and Homelessness, while continuing my craft as an artist, participating in various exhibitions, and continue my pursuit of researching and collecting artifacts to support historical fact.

In 2007, I installed from my African American artifacts the African American Rairlroad Experienced, consisting of 200 artifacts , which were installed at Miami Gold Coast Railroad Museum . in 2008, I added the African American WW1 section.  In 2016 I was contacted by Smithsonian African American  Museum, leading to my major donation to the African American Museum of some of my WW1 African American artifacts. A major exhibit will be opened in 2019, containing my donated

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