The month of October 2021 gave birth to a new and fresh social marketplace platform that had been under slow development since the idea came up back in 2018.

Antoine Mclaughlin

KANDIID founder/CEO and Tech Entrepreneur, Antoine McLaughlin along with college friend Tyler Roper bridged the gap between creators, their content, and the fans. Through their well-thought social app, the innovators have been able to revolutionize freedom of expression by adding a surface value to the creator’s hard work. This has been a plea by so content creators towards lucrative social media apps, but none of them had the style in which Kandiid has brought it to the light.

Kandiid is currently one of the most sought-after and growing apps in the USA. Renowned rapper and equity holder with Kandiid , Soulja Boy, sent the app blazing back in 2021 when he announced it nationally on The Breakfast Club radio show. During this period, Kandiid grew with nearly 15,000 new users in only 24 hours and took the #71 position for top trending apps. Behind the brain of the creator was an idea to create a photo and video social marketing app where creators will be able to monetize everything that they post. This happens in a form of – You set the desired value of your content and everyone that wishes to view or download the image or video will pay first. Users possess the right to either post their content for free or monetize everything. Other users and viewers will always be able to connect with you through your username and leave you a “Love” if they are into what you posted.

In addition to creation and monetization, Antoine brought several key influencers in entertainment to his board of advisors such that his vision had the end user perspective. Lamont Renzo Bracy was named as Public Relations Director. D-Teck, Sho-time, Keith “Youngin” George II , DjeFeezy & Stackpack are just a few of the renowned entertainment personalities that have helped to bring kandiid to the world.

These are joined by a bunch of Executive decision makers and investors like; NFL players: Justin Bethel, Terrence Fede & Kyle Phillips. One major role player and equity holder is Hip Hop star Soulja Boy who has made a huge contribution to pushing the app out to the world. There is no doubt that this app is created in the future and for the future.

How to get onto Kandiid

Socialize. Grow your network. Just like any other app, one has to download the app first, set up a profile and username that other viewers can identify you with. Soon as you are past this stage, you can now create your first Kandiid .

Creating a new Kandiid for yourself can be in form of an image or video. The user can add more than one image if they wish to create a larger album. After selecting the preferred image(s) or video(s), set your album title, and enter a caption or a link if you got any. Since the app is exclusive to ages 17 and above, mature content can only be posted after proving that you are over 18 years. Once all this is done and accepted, now is time to set your price and get some cash for your content.

It’s your time now to test Kandiid out!

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