BlueJay Music Music App’s “Social Radio” Breakthough

BlueJay Music Music App’s “Social Radio” Breakthough

Launched this week, BlueJay Music has developed a breakthrough technology that lets you start your own internet radio station from your pocket.

BlueJay lets anyone live stream a playlist of their favourite songs to anyone, anywhere, anytime – from a small group of close friends – to a public audience of thousands.

Founder and CEO Sam Shore says what makes BlueJay unique is that for the first time, you’re listening to music in real time with others, and interacting and communicating with them while doing it. It’s a new dimension to online music.

The company believes it will appeal to anyone who creates music, anyone who curates music or builds playlists, or anyone who just wants a different and engaging way of interacting with their audience. Shore also believes it will appeal to independent labels trying to promote new artists.

He says the company thinks most people will download the app just to follow their favourite hosts – whether they are curators, artists, bands, celebrities, sportspeople, or just their friends – to discover new music or listen to their favourites with them. They can be active and engage with the host and the listeners, or they can sit back and just enjoy the music – it’s really up to them.


Shore says the company reflected on some of the big changes in music consumption and social media over the past few years. We’ve gone from listening to CDs to downloads, to streaming, and from albums to curated playlists. At the same time social media has boomed and incorporated photos and videos really well, but not music – which is at least as popular, but more engaging and emotional. BlueJay combines the two in a seamless real time experience.

The company has also applied for a patent covering the process of hosting an internet radio station directly from a smartphone.

To download, go to the app stores and look for BlueJay Music. For more information go to

Host your own radio show with BlueJay! Stream your playlists to friends and chat to them in real-time. Download now!


Here’s a short video on how it works.


For further information please contact:

Sam Shore, CEO: 07478 316 071

Peter Shore, Chairman: 07725 454 337

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