Music Review: Bishop Julian Turner – Settle Me

Some artists reject equating their personal lives with their artistic ones, but doing so strengthens and frees you to recognize all of the new possibilities that life makes available. Bishop Julian Turner sings to his audience on how having faith in life shows us how to love, how to maintain peace, and how to hold on to hope.

Having went through his own personal trials, he has held on to the scriptures that promise a better future.

Through his song “Settle Me,Bishop Julian Turner affirms his beliefs, and keeps his faith, realizing he doesn’t need to turn to superficial things to benefit or help him. The belief that you can deal with life on your own is a deception, but in a society where priorities have become skewed and counting on your neighbor is not an easy feat, we’ve become accustomed to disappointment.  We fall into the trap of self-sufficiency and try to tackle everything alone. But what happens when it all becomes too much and we just cannot do it all?

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Bishop Julian Turner knows that we all need something in our lives that will act as a guiding light and bring inner peace and stability–something that will offer us more than that temporary fix. A belief in God can give us that. It offers us something to trust in, a standard to which we can aspire. Through trust, we begin to know true peace and see the lesson in everything, even if to outsiders it appears that we are struggling. This allows us deep down to accept more readily our imperfections because we know that we are still loved by a higher being.

In an era of young gospel R&B acts that bury their vocals in hazy, gossamer production to the detriment of cohesion, it’s refreshing to hear Bishop Julian Turner sticking with what he knows. As a whole experience, the song luxuriates within the magical realm of ’90s R&B. The bulk of the arrangement hovers with slow-jam sensibilities, leaving space for the artist’s warm, distinctive voice to speak his truth. Nonetheless,

“Settle Me” has the ability to change your outlook on life and give you a better understanding of true peace.

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