Your Guide to Buying and Wearing Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts should be a wardrobe staple for all women, especially those into fitness. This blog will be your guide to buying and wearing athletic shorts.

Summer will show up before you know it, which means it’s the perfect time to refresh your workout wardrobe. Athletic shorts are a beloved staple in the closets of most women, but finding the right pair can be hard. We’ve got you covered with this guide to buying and wearing athletic shorts that will have you looking cool and staying comfortable, whether you’re lifting weights or running errands.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Two of the most important things to consider before buying women’s shorts are the sizing and fit. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all; today, it’s about finding a pair that complements your body shape and matches your activity level. Ideally, your shorts should provide enough room to move freely without excess fabric that can get in the way. For high-intensity workouts, form-fitting materials that wick moisture away will keep you dry and comfortable.

Know What Styles Are In

Style isn’t just for the catwalk; it has a firm place in the gym and on the track, too. Currently, retro styles with a modern twist are in vogue. Think the classic piped seams of the ’70s blended with the high-tech, breathable fabrics of today. Bold patterns and vibrant colors are dominating 2024’s athletic wear trends. But if you’re a minimalist at heart, you can’t go wrong with sleek black or navy options that have the versatility to complement any gym attire.

Choose a Pair You Can Wear to the Gym and Casually

The beauty of athleisure lies in its versatility. The right pair of shorts is equally fitting for a grueling workout session as it is for a casual coffee run. Key features to look for include a durable, stretchable fabric that maintains its shape and snugness. Opt for a mid-thigh cut in a neutral color to keep it casual. Shorts with minimal branding and a single, subtle strip or pattern can transition smoothly from the squat rack to the supermarket without skipping a beat.

Have a Repertoire of Outfit Ideas

You should have a small recipe book of outfits to wear with your athletic shorts so you never run out of inspiration. For instance, you could pair them with a racer-back tank and sports sneakers for a morning jog or throw on a breezy tee and slide sandals for a laid-back barbecue look. You can also match a well-fitted pair of athletic shorts to a light button-up shirt and loafers to tread the line between relaxed and refined.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or a weekend warrior, this is your guide to buying and wearing athletic shorts that will ensure you look as good as you feel. With the perfect fit, your athletic shorts will take you from the gym to the streets with effortless ease and undeniable style.

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