Why you should read aloud in two languages to your children

Reading bilingual books to your children is an excellent way to help them learn French. When reading in two languages, the main thing to remember is to keep it simple and use words that are already familiar to your child. Here are some tips for reading aloud in two languages:

1. Start by reading in your native language first. This will help your child become more comfortable with the new language and give them the foundation for understanding what is being said.

2. Use words and phrases your child is already familiar with. This will make learning French easier as they won’t have to worry about memorizing unfamiliar words or phrases.

3. Speak slowly and clearly. Speak one language at a time so that your child can easily understand what is being said. This will also help them pick up on pronunciation and intonation.

4. Point to pictures or words as you read. This will help them associate the new words they’re learning with visuals and make the learning process more enjoyable.

5. Make learning fun! Encourage your child to repeat words and phrases after you, or act out scenes as you read. Incorporating games or activities into the reading session will make learning French more engaging and memorable.

Following these tips can make the process of learning French much simpler and more enjoyable for both you and your child. With the right bilingual books, you can provide your children with the opportunity to broaden their horizons by learning French!



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