‘Record labels are like Donald Trump… scared artists are making dumb albums, singing stupid songs.’

 Linda Perry – one of the most talented pop/rock songwriters in living memory, and a woman who is not afraid of a curse word. World’s Greatest Songwriters is supported by AMRA – the global digital music collection society which strives to maximize value for songwriters and publishers in the digital age.
Linda Perry believes that if you ask the universe for something, it will deliver. If she’s right, and she gets what she’s currently asking for, a significant proportion of you should probably watch out.

Because what she wants, what she believes is essential (with something approaching righteous fury) is nothing sort of a revolution – creative and commercial.

She says: “We need our revolution right the f**k now. It’s time to wake up and stop following the game plan based around what you’re hearing on the radio and seeing on YouTube, or wherever you’re getting your sh*t from, and start asking for more.

“Start being your true self. Until then, we don’t stand a f**king chance.”

Whilst still writing and producing, Perry has become more involved with the business side of music, creating publisher/label/management company, We Are Hear, and recently signing a global publishing deal with peermusic.

This is all part of a process which Perry sees more as assembling the troops than forging alliances. Because battle is about to commence.

“Listen, there’s a f**king train coming and it’s gonna have Linda Perry written all the fuck over it,” she says.

“I’m going to show up in 2019 in many, many forms. You’re going to have to read the credits because you’re going to see me all over the place; me and my partner [Kerry Brown], we’re going to f**king shake some shit up in this business, because it’s due; it’s time for a wake up call.” (World’s Greatest Songwriters supported by AMRA)

Source : Music Business Worldwide

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