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🎤 PR Packages:

Option 1: Basic PR Package

  • Customized one-page ad
  • Media embeds from Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube
  • Feature on Pump It Up Magazine online print and digital edition

Option 2: Silver PR Bundle (Includes Basic PR Package)

  • Customized one-page ad
  • Music review
  • Two email blasts of your press pack for one month
  • Featured on our high-traffic magazine with automatic sharing across social media

Option 3: Gold PR Bundle (Includes Silver PR Bundle)

  • Customized one-page ad
  • Music review
  • Your song on KPIU Radio Features
  • Bio editing and rewriting (if needed)
  • Multiple targeted email blasts to reach thousands of platforms

📦 What’s Included with All Packages:

  • Customized Press Pack
  • Features on Pump It Up Magazine online print and digital edition
  • Your Song on KPIU Radio Features and Magazine Reviews
  • Bio Editing and Rewriting (if needed)
  • Multiple Email Blasts

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  • Expertise: Supported by industry professionals in the diverse music scene.
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  • Networking: Connect with key players in the industry.

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