Music Review: The Aquadolls’ “Charmed” Album


The Aquadolls, LA’s resident femme-punk royalty, have made a triumphant return with their highly anticipated third studio album, “Charmed.” Released via Enci Records, this album marks the band’s first release in five years and serves as a strong representation of their growth and evolution.

“Charmed” was produced by Chris Szczech, known for his work with The Goo Goo Dolls, and showcases the band’s ability to fuse melodic ’60s harmonies with ’90s-driven crunchiness, all while adding a modern twist. The result is a collection of nine songs that capture the essence of The Aquadolls’ signature sound while introducing new elements that point to the band’s future direction.

From the opening track, “Far Far Away,” to the infectious “Spotlight,” the album delivers relatable tales focused on love, relationships, heartbreak, and longing. While exploring these themes, The Aquadolls maintain their commitment to having fun and infusing their lyrics with humor. The album’s lyrics touch on a range of topics, including self-love, sisterhood, romance, and the constraints of capitalism, all with a twinkle of nostalgia.

What sets “Charmed” apart is the band’s growth as a unit. For the first time, the trio wrote together as a cohesive group, allowing their ideas to flourish in the studio and transform into fully fleshed-out songs. The result is a cohesive album that showcases The Aquadolls’ musical chemistry and their ability to create captivating and memorable tracks.

Accompanying the album release is the official video for the single “Spotlight.” Directed by longtime creative collaborator Jenna Houchin, the video exudes decadence and confidence, perfectly complementing the track’s creeping sexiness.

In celebration of the album’s release, The Aquadolls embarked on their Spring Fling Tour, bringing their new tunes to fans across North America. The tour included notable stops such as Atlanta’s Shaky Knees festival, where the band drew one of their largest crowds to date. Tonight, they will be playing a highly anticipated album release show in their hometown of Los Angeles. Furthermore, fans can look forward to seeing The Aquadolls perform at Riot Fest and Ohana Festival later this year.

With their previous releases, The Aquadolls have established themselves as trailblazers in the indie-rock scene, influencing artists like Snail Mail, Chastity Belt, and Soccer Mommy. “Charmed” solidifies their position as a force to be reckoned with. The album encapsulates their message of self-love and positivity, while showcasing their unique blend of guitar-driven punk and pop-rock.

As The Aquadolls continue to evolve and mature, their music remains a reflection of their audience’s never-perfect, Vaseline-tinged view of the world. “Charmed” is a testament to their growth and an exciting glimpse into what they have in store for the future.

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Listen: “Beachy,” “Sneaky,” “Burn Baby Burn,” “Far Far Away,

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Written by Anissa Sutton

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