Music Review : Shades of Blu by Juewett Bostick

Shades of Blu by Juewett Bostick

Originally from San Francisco, California, the legendary guitarist, singer, songwriter, and musical veteran extraordinaire Juewett Bostick has opened up a treasure chest of musical compositions upon the release of his new album Shades of Blu. Bostick is a musical veteran with over two decades in the game. He worked with the likes of the Temptations, Johnny Gill, Sister Sledge and a number of others.

Shades of Blu is Bostick’s newest gift to the music world. The album is comprised of 17 selections, wherein we find Bostick drawing up life experience through the voice of guitar in a sea of life experiences. Bostick has cultivated a rare, but free-flowing melodic heaven that has appeal across the spectrum.

Shades of Blu Track-By-Track Review

Tribal Dance: This lovely album opener makes sets the mood for the much-spirited jazz extravaganza that lies ahead. Tribal Dance is a fitting title as the track begins with a festive and experimental opening of chimes, conga drums, and erratic horns. This segment quickly transitions into a blissful chorus of soulful harmonies and accompanying horns. Tribal Dance has an exotic vibe that electrifies the atmosphere with its funky vibrations.

High Modes: Bostick takes us into another inspiring groove with an amazing rhythm guitar lead that is conversationally inviting and is sure to charm the hearts of listeners. High Modes is further enriched by a moving bassline, harmonics and keyboard measures. High Modes cool vibe will keep you wanting more.

Sound & Rhythm: Overtones of funks and soul fill the atmosphere as Sound & Rhythm rises to the occasion with an exceptional vocal performance which covers the emotional strivings behind the history and vibes that jazz built. The track possesses a super song structure that really unveils Juewett Bostick’s expertise as jazz composer.

Yama: The mystifying beauty of the vibes set forth in this composition is truly enchanting. Bostick spreads his charm in guitar dialogue that is totally irresistible.

These Friends of Mine: A great cinematic piece and skit that adds depth to Shades of Blu’s destiny and musical journey, acting as a prequel to the next track My Friend.

My Friend: Bostick lights up the room with a sultry cut that maximizes upon jazz music’s tradition of spoken word performance. Musically, My Friend jams to a bluesy backdrop with stirring harmonies and a dose of realism.

Struttin’, On The Prowl: Another delightful tune that certainly expands upon Bostick’s brilliance as a guitarist. This is an easygoing musical dialogue that finds us in conversation with ourselves and the festive mood that this tune celebrates.

Friend of Mine: Bostick explores the value of friendship over this enthralling groove as his guitar play reaches out to us.

Shades of Blu: The title track takes Bostick’s audience into another dimension with shimmering hints of voice and avant-garde measures of the keyboard. The track’s tasteful musical execution is warm and superb.

Bye-Ya: A smorgasbord of erratic brass and grove yearnings blossom into a flute-led path that touches our innermost sensibilities, but ultimately leads to the brighter side of the day.

Tribal Dance: As a rendition of the opening track, this version of Tribal Dance has a larger pool of instrumentation than its previous counterpart. Yet, the tempo and blissful harmonies remain intact for something that is truly remarkable.

Sound & Rhythm (Aftermath): A wonderful dance groove with an even more stunning trumpet soul. While the brass-laden musings keep us entertained, Bostick’s audience is entranced by the stunning work on the electric piano that strikes up a clever chat with guitar and bassline.

These Friends of Mine-Sight Return: There is something special when we hear the chords from the jazz organ add quite a bit of versatility. This composition is further enhanced by a tasteful trumpet performance.

Shades of Blu (Prelude): Bostick finishes this incredible collection of songs with the prelude to three prominent selections from this album Shades of Blu. The track carries exceptional vocal performances and stands as a definitive work.

Sound & Rhythm (Prelude): Bostick drives this funky machine to new boundaries with a few special guests and a whole bunch of hearts.

High Modes (Prelude): Bostick is able to make his guitar sing the blues with remarkable precision.

Shades of Blu (Aftermath) [Dark & Sexy]: A nocturnal jewel that blossoms like a lotus. Within the track, we find an oyster of chorale emerging from the depths of within, which is the beauty of this journey.

Shades of Blu by Juewett Bostick is a masterpiece that leaves the listener with a newfound cloak of inspiration and peace.

Bostick’s passion for musical innovation imbues Shades of Blu with an uncanny degree of creative genius that marinates in the pools of success.

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Musicians | Vocalists Juewett Bostick, Keith Rouster, Ronnie Kaufman, Herman Jackson, Harvey Estrada, Richard Taylor, Eric McKane,
Cal Bennett, Fred Jackson.
Kari Taylor, Wendy Cox, Denise Stewart-Bates, Brenda Kay Pierce.
Art Direction, Design | Photography | Photo Editing Tyrone Drake, Bobby Holland, Guido Karp, Rehan Kamal.
Animation | Social Media Design Michael Collin, Greg Lawson.
Audio Recording | Mixing | Mastering Rodney Millon, Dave Rideau, Ron Boustead
Actress (Tribal Dance animated movie) Tori Reid

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