Music Review: Neptune’s Core – Sisters Redefining Indie Rock with Their Captivating Sound

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Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting sound of Neptune’s Core, an alternative indie rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago. This group, consisting of two sets of sisters, is making waves with their captivating melodies and unique style. Sofie Richter (vocals/guitar), Jackie Cywinski (guitar/vocals), Kaitlin Cywinski (drums), and Hannah Richter (bass) come together to form a badass collective that is redefining what it means to rock.

Don’t let their age fool you – Neptune’s Core showcases a level of sophistication in their songwriting and instrumentation that surpasses expectations. As Jim DeRogits expressed on Sound Opinions, their music effortlessly blends delicate, fragile moments with explosive dynamics, reminiscent of the classic alternative era.

With a blend of rock, jazz, and classical influences, infused with their love for punk, indie, and classic rock, Neptune’s Core crafts a sound that is truly their own. Their heartfelt lyrics come to life through the mesmerizing combination of their multi-instrumental talents and their unwavering passion for music. Their self-released albums, “Can’t Have It All” in 2020 and “Evolving” in 2021, have garnered praise, while their live performances alongside renowned bands like Dehd, Bnny, Mamalarky, and Hana Vu continue to captivate audiences throughout Chicago and Milwnd of Neptune’s Core, an alternative indie rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of Chicago. This group, consisting of twaukee.

As the late summer approaches, Neptune’s Core is set to release an EP that reflects their growth as musicians and individuals. Prepare to be kept on the edge of your seat with their signature dynamic and tonal shifts. From eerie harmonies to melodic bass lines, powerful drumming to shimmery guitars, Neptune’s Core delivers a truly unique and unapologetic sound that is entirely their own.

Stay tuned for their upcoming singles and music videos, as they unlock a new chapter in their musical journey. To learn more about Neptune’s Core, visit their website and follow them on Instagram, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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Review written by Anissa Boudjaoui Sutton

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