Music Review: “Mediterranean Sun” by Grammy® Nominated Eric Alexandrakis Featuring Members of Duran Duran and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Grammy® nominated musician Eric Alexandrakis has recently graced the music scene with a captivating summer single titled “Mediterranean Sun.” This release showcases the extraordinary talents of John Taylor from Duran Duran on bass guitar and Steve Ferrone from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on drums, further elevating the track to new heights.

The story behind “Mediterranean Sun” stems from Eric Alexandrakis’ deep connection to Greece, particularly his home in Rethymno, Crete. Penning the song just 500 meters away from his residence, Eric pours his heart and soul into this heartfelt tribute to Greece and the excitement that summers bring. Each note resonates with the authenticity of his bond with the Mediterranean atmosphere, creating an enchanting musical experience.

John Taylor, who played a pivotal role in discovering Eric years ago, lends his signature bass expertise to the track, adding a distinct and captivating element. Similarly, Steve Ferrone, a highly respected drummer known for his collaborations with iconic artists like Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, and The Bee Gees, contributes his remarkable skills, establishing a solid foundation for “Mediterranean Sun.”

The infectious melodies and rock-infused sound of “Mediterranean Sun” encapsulate the essence of the Beach Boys while retaining its own unique flavor. This composition effortlessly transports listeners to carefree summer days, evoking an uplifting and energetic atmosphere that is simply irresistible.

Critics have responded positively to the release, praising its upbeat and rock-heavy nature with a touch of the Beach Boys, as described by Stentor News. CUA Tower commends the track for its ability to take listeners on a euphoric journey, perfectly capturing the joy and warmth of summer. New University applauds its alternative-surf-rock inclinations, ensuring its accessibility to a wide range of music lovers. Fredonia Leader highlights the sunny, Beach Boys-esque ambiance, while Spartan Daily celebrates its electrifying beach vibes.

This summer single release by Eric Alexandrakis, featuring members of Duran Duran and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, is an absolute must-listen for all music enthusiasts.

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Reviewer: Anissa Sutton

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