Interview With Marylane

Photo courtesy of Angelika Annen

Swiss indie outfit Marylane recently premiered a music video for its single Restless and will be releasing the album Grow and Fade in September via Swiss record label Turbo Music.

The video, which was directed by Igor Chojna and Sebastian Weber, highlights the emotional turbulence of late adolescence while also holding up a mirror to our unsettled cultural times.  Larissa and Christian of the act took some time out of their busy schedules to have a laid-back talk about the video, the Swiss music scene, and their smokin’ tunes.

  1. Heya Larissa and Christian.  So what’s the deal about your band name?  Is Marylane the Swiss equivalent of Mary Jane?

Larissa: No, it is not. As a child of hippie parents, smoking weed was never interesting.  It never did have the sense of rebellion for me. Music is my drug.

Christian: Actually, no one of the band is smoking anymore… But you’re right… Maybe it would be a cool name for a reggae combo!

2.Would it be correct to say that you make indie music or is there another description that you prefer for your tunes? 

Christian: It’s getting harder and harder to label a specific type of music. It’s easy to get lost in all those boxes existing to stick something in. But for the process of creating our album, I can definitely say that it was the definition of indie.

3.What’s the indie music scene like in Switzerland? 

Larissa: Since we are such a little country, everyone knows each other and often we find out that we have the same great grandmothers… Haha!

4.Your new single is called Restless – Is that because you guys are restless spirits? Please explain.

Larissa: Yes we are! We cannot stop writing new music together. Even after ten years! Our first single Restless is about the need to face your own shadows and jump into the unpredictability of life. As a musician this is the daily work you have to do to stay creative.

Christian: Maybe some Mary Jane could help us to calm down a bit?

5. There’s something very bittersweet about this song.  Does this kind of cool melancholia come naturally to you when you write? 

Larissa: I love songs that are blue and melancholic. Already in kindergarten my favourite song was the only sad song we sang there. The darkness leaves more secrets, and that inspires me.

Christian: I think it’s one major thing we have in common in this band. We all grew up listening to those dark, melancholic trip-hop songs. We share a love for this kind of music.

6. Now tell us a bit about your video series. From what I understand, you decided to work closely with a filmmaker to create a trilogy…

Larissa: We have some friends who are working in film, so this collaboration came up naturally. Each clip is made by a different filmmaker and can stand on its own. But together, they tell a life story of a woman and the different transformations she has to go through during a lifetime. The filmmakers did fantastic work and it’s so exciting to see what they’ve added to our music!

7. Can we expect to see you in one of the videos? 

Larissa: Yes, you will.

Check out the official website for Marylane by clicking here. Give them a like on Facebook by clicking here. Lastly make sure to pre-order their latest album by clicking here.


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