LA’s Coolest Roller Skating Spots!

Hey there, skaters! Pump It Up Magazine is rolling into the heart of Los Angeles to uncover the city’s most epic roller skating hotspots. So grab your wheels and let’s hit the pavement or dance floor for some serious fun in the sun (or under disco lights)! Here’s your ultimate guide to outdoor and indoor roller skating adventures in the City of Angels:

🌴 Outdoor Thrills:

1. Venice Beach Boardwalk:

Picture this – you, your skates, and the salty breeze of the ocean as you cruise down the iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk. Catch some tunes, feel the vibe, and let the good times roll!
– Location: Venice Beach Boardwalk, Los Angeles, CA
– Website: [](

2. Santa Monica Beach Bike Path:

Get ready for a beachfront roller skating extravaganza along the Santa Monica Beach Bike Path! Glide past palm trees, soak in the sunshine, and maybe even catch a few waves while you’re at it.
– Location: Santa Monica Beach Bike Path, Santa Monica, CA
– Website: [](

3. Echo Park Lake:

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and skate your worries away at Echo Park Lake. With stunning views of the downtown skyline and serene waters to navigate, it’s the perfect spot for a chill skating sesh.
– Location: Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles, CA
– Website: [](

4. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook:

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Head over to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook for some serious hill skating action! Pro tip: the views from the top are totally worth the climb (or roll)!
– Location: Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Culver City, CA
– Website: [](

🏢 Indoor Escapes:

1. Moonlight Rollerway:

Get your groove on at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale – it’s like stepping into a disco roller skating paradise! With funky lights and retro beats, you’re in for a blast from the past.
– Location: Moonlight Rollerway, Glendale, CA
– Website: [](

2. World on Wheels:

Ready to turn up the heat? Head over to World on Wheels in Mid-City for some serious indoor skating fun! With live DJs and themed nights, the party never stops at this skating hotspot.
– Location: World on Wheels, Los Angeles, CA
– Website: [](

3. Pershing Square Downtown Ice Rink:

Lace up those skates (the ice kind) and get ready to glide at Pershing Square Downtown Ice Rink! It’s like a winter wonderland right in the heart of LA – talk about magical!
– Location: Pershing Square Downtown Ice Rink, Los Angeles, CA
– Website: [](

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to roll into the fun-filled world of roller skating in Los Angeles! Whether you’re shredding the streets or tearing up the rink, LA’s got the perfect spot for your skating adventures. Let’s pump up the excitement and make some unforgettable memories on wheels!


Listen to our rollerskate playlist:

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