Review | I Can’t Help It by Mitchell Coleman Jr feat. Ralph Tresvant

“I Can’t Help It” is a song recorded by jazz musician Mitchell Coleman Jr featuring Ralph Tresvant. Listening to jazz music often at times requires one to be a free soul. Not only is jazz music brilliant and majestic but it is highly suggestive of a nature that is personal in serving up it’s audience with beautiful music.

The song begins out with a shimmering and sensitive saxophone that embeds the music with deep and warm tones. You may have heard from friends and family that a little bit of stress is good for you. You know, with the every single day someone rushing to meet deadlines at work becoming all edgy and nerve wrecked by the end of the day. But as you sit and unwind one has the option of listening to music that resonates with our hearts able to bring a sigh of relief to a long day.

Mitchell Coleman Jr is able to surpass all kinds of mental distractions floating through your ears and into your mind with music that sets up the tone for a beautiful evening. He knows how to play, taking it slow one beat at a time able to make us fall and sink deep into our seats with a song that is enjoyable and relaxing at the same time.

You can hear it with every note the musician plays inviting us to listen to wonderful harmonics that are strung with utter ease. Mitchell Coleman Jr is strategic in letting us know how he feels with simple melodies that gives us a chance to explore the different aspects of the song that make it captivating.

“I Can’t Help It” is a song filled with emotions of love keeping the theme cohesive in delivering a mood that speaks to the heart, mesmerized and soaked with expressive sounds that are layered with skill. Mostly plucking away his instruments, Mitchell Coleman Jr is able to sound less obvious with the rhythm of the strings being more overt and prominent in the background.


With Billy Childs who was an artist able to surpass exceptions in stunning us with his album, Rebirth which would come to win a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental album. The musician is lauded as being an artist able to re-ignite the funk that is grand and versatile, taking it a step further in revealing a heritage that is at the core of jazz music.

Mitchell Coleman Jr is good at being playful and experimenting with new possibilities with his record “I Can’t Help It”. I believe the musician has more to offer in creating a music that is more sensitive and powerful enough to change moods that is key to improving his style in making beautiful jazz music.

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